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Convinced Yennefer’s life was lost at the Battle of Sodden, Geralt of Rivia brings Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knows, his childhood home of Kaer Morhen.

Yennefer has won over many fans with her depiction in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.She's powerful, headstrong, and by far one of the sassiest characters in the entire game.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Yennefer, clearly not buying it, gives perhaps the sassiest burn to both the fortune teller and Geralt in the same moment, “So I won’t meet a tall dark stranger? While Geralt tries to reason with them, Yennefer sneaks away and uses it, causing Foglets to be summoned to the area. Appearing as the tritagonist of the Novels, the overall tritagonist of the games and as one of the three main protagonists (alongside Ciri and Geralt) of the 2019 Netflix adaptation. Yennefer of Vengerberg (born on Belleteyn of the year 1173) — a sorceress who lived in the capital city of Aedirn - Vengerberg.She was the youngest member of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers and later the Lodge of Sorceresses attempted to recruit her. RELATED: The Witcher 3: 10 Best Villains In The Game, Ranked, Yennefer realizes they can still extract information from Skjall about Ciri’s whereabouts, but to do so would require necromancy -- a forbidden practice that tortures the target of the spell, even in death.
I…I’d even embrace you…were you not covered in blood.”. It’s already an amusing moment given Geralt is so awkward with intimate social situations. She is a sorceress who lived in Vengerberg, the capital city of Aedim, the long-time lover of Geralt of Rivia and the adopted mother of Ciri. Instead of letting her have the win Geralt shrugs it off saying the view was rather breathtaking and he enjoyed it. Unwillingly to handle any more of Geralt’s jokes and pestering, Yennefer teleports him several feet above the lake outside to get him out of her hair and, no doubt give herself a bright spot on a dark day. See image of Denise Gough, the voice of Yennefer in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Video Game). Yennefer is certainly a woman with many talents, and you better believe she knows this. This sets Yennefer off and she gives this sassy, but equally chilling line, “Perhaps I should’ve teleported you two miles higher? When Geralt swims back to shore and hikes back up to the tower soaking wet, she’s clearly pleased with herself. Especially dull ones.”.

In that same cave, they come across the body of Skjall.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of Yennefer’s best lines, these are among the most memorable. To die for, really.”. Geralt had just been through a short skirmish with some neighborhood thugs that ended with a severed head and bloody clothes.

After ‘borrowing’ the mask of Uroboros, the druids aren’t happy with her wanting to use it, considering the mask only has one use before plummeting the islands into the sea. Guess I’ll just have to content myself with you Geralt.”, NEXT: 10 Video Game Couples More Romantic Than The Witcher’s Geralt & Yennefer.

Whether it’s threatening Geralt, sarcastically rattling off horrific ingredients for a necromancy spell, or giving her true love a hard time, here are Yennefer’s cheekiest moments. In the middle of a particularly rough day Yennefer is trying to study a crystal and having a hard time.

Drawn to darker and more horrifying games, he enjoys diving into the lore, secrets, philosophies, and complex characters found in those grim worlds. The fortune-teller pauses a moment, and after divining their path forward, gives a bleak summary of what he saw. Yennefer of Vengerberg is the tritagonist of the Witcher franchise. He points out the bloodstains that are readily obvious to his Witcher eyes and then asks Yennefer the sorceress if she sees it too. Sarcastically she toys with him for a moment by rattling off a ridiculous, unsettling, and somewhat familiar recipe of ingredients needed for the spell, “The blood of a newborn, a virgin’s tongue, and the eye of a newt.”. While investigating Freya’s Garden, Geralt quickly finds evidence of a skirmish and tell-tale markings left by a werewolf. After introducing Geralt to Udalryk and his fortune-teller, Geralt becomes a little curious about the fortune teller’s abilities and asks him to read their future. It’s something she’s quick to remind him of and give him grief over. The Witcher's resident Sorceress of Sass, Yennefer, definitely brings the quips to the table. It’s safe to say that Geralt is one hundred percent a womanizer.

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When Geralt razzes her about it Yennefer huffily dismisses his attempts at humor with a not so subtle razz of her own, “Geralt I’m not in the mood for jests. She's powerful, headstrong, and by far one of the sassiest characters in the entire game.

These are sassiest quotes Yennefer's made to date.

Rather than reveal her horrible plan when Geralt asks if she even has one, she uses a bit of sass to deflect, “No I just like to stare at rotting flesh.”.

Breathtaking, that view! Yennefer has won over many fans with her depiction in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
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