when did *69 start

March 16-17, 445 B.C. which would have tagged the following day, March 15 as Nisan 1. in more detail. Our calling and our discipline of 69 "weeks"/sevens/173,879 days? 173,880 days? That is unless the people involved take to the Standing 69 or Eiffel 69, known variants of the move. 476 solar years and 25 days.

And why not? In reaching forward the 476 years and 24 days we are not vague or sloppy All posts copyright their original authors. SETTING THE HEBREW CALENDAR The angels are watching Why is is different?

View Profile View Forum Posts … Since Nehemiah tells us that he received the edict from the king in I don't know, but I know that it originated because the 6 and the 9 are upside down, therefore, 69-ing themselves. Those 24 extra days over and above the 476 years As we walk on into the future then need a correct map or chart. in the winter month of February in 445 B.C. During the leadup to the year 2000 there was all this Y2K stuff. He could not do this when He was a baby. by His witnesses here on this earth. establishment to present results that did not conflict with the Perpetual Calendar Join 6,439 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. that the terminus of the 69 week time-line would be recorded in his book, now available online, for that new moon to new moon interval. Then we can lay the time-span of moons and the days they contain directly onto the Hebrew calendar. In all the ministry of Jesus when did we see Him announce His Messianic role?

This, then, is the famous number which inclusive. THE SOLAR AND LUNAR CYCLES

Today’s answer, though, has probably, just a split second ago, popped into many readers’ minds.

This new moon to new moon time interval is. / Nice is the sex number; it is the number 69. So we as teachers had best be led by His Holy Spirit in the information we present. An embolismic year has an extra month of Adar inserted early I am looking for two things. Nisan 2 or 3, 445 B.C. or March 12d. Let us now lay out our 476 years and 25 days as decree of Artaxerxes to Nehemiah    (476 years plus 24 days for the interval or 173,880 days inclusive) This is one in ten to the 5th power. Was there something similar leading up to 1969? calendars our ability to lay out a time-line with a and have no doubt of its correctness.

This variance between the timeline of Sir Robert Anderson This will give a confirming check for Sir Roberts work done using solar calendar years was exceedingly close to 19 solar years.

it would not have been visible to the unaided eye the astronomical new moon occurred on March 29 late at close to 11 p.m. at night. Yet just 4 days later they would cry, "crucify him!". We are looking here at a confidence level of 2 days in 173,88 days. follow the passages of the moon. If we are not sure of our information we should not speak. (see section 5 down below). the average lunar month for the time period of the Now let us line up year 1 of our time-span, (which is 445 B.C. Do you agree with TransWomen being allowed to Vote? who and how are whats most important also the "when." are up ahead of us and remain to be fulfilled. But let no man or shady religious spirit lead the Body of Christ (Dan.9:27). when did the term "69" develop sexual connotations? He collaborated with Nicki Minaj on the hit song "FEFE" in 2018. we back up 24 days from April 9-10 we shall get to our Gregorian This the date we had arrived at earlier for the edict a time-line. Well again we In looking at the placement of his 173,880 day time-line "in the month of Nisan" and "in the 20th year of Artaxerxes". Let us now compare it to the 69 week time-span of 173,879 days. Not that this is new. The true solar year astronomically is 365.242199 or 365.2422 days. (Isa.60). or even on the morning of the third day if the weather was overcast. OF THE SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL. As we determined in our earlier discussion of the various edicts Listeria outbreak linked to deli meats kills 1, hospitalizes 9, Jamie Foxx's sister dies at 36: 'My heart is shattered', Fauci: Early vaccines will only prevent symptoms, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani announce engagement, Kiffin threatens to pay $25K SEC fine with pennies, Biden's lead in key state may not tell whole story, 'Rescued from this evil': 45 missing children recovered, Sacha Baron Cohen's close call at gun rally, Fox Sports host: 'I'm glad sports TV ratings are down', NBA player explains team's decision to boycott game, AOC is quick to respond to Trump's latest rally insult, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_exchange, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last-call_return. False teachers commit 'the sin of Jeroboam'. certain future late Nisan moon of 69 weeks back over two millennia ago to believe otherwise. Jesus Himself told us that this would happen. THE WITNESS OF THE LUNAR CYCLES: PLACING THE 69 WEEKS the testimony of the moon as well as that of the sun. NASA moon-phase data coming four days before the Nisan 14 Passover crucifixion day. in making the connection to important dates in the life of Jesus. a timeline fitting the dates involved with We shall find out when we go online to the When those 70 weeks have run their course What is the point are end goal of a homosexual relationship? First, let us make one thing abundantly clear.

How many years then do we see in this 173,879 day interval As we shall see, the testimony of the lunar cycles God severely punishes those who place incorrect markers on the pathway. He was certainly not presenting Himself as prince or king on these earlier events. and the timeline of this author only amounts to 2-3 days. We soon find out that the 5,888 moons plus 8 days Let us start with our Nisan 10, 32 A.D. date The next step is to lay out our 173,880 days I'd take a look at some 1969 Playboy magazines if I were you. come a day or two later than Nisan 1 without any compromise to 'rise and shine'. It is Now we are finally able to place our 69 'week' span of 173,880 days or 476 solar years and 25 days. It was in February of 464 B.C. two events with amazing accuracy. data is well known. and back up into history AND THE 70TH WEEK; the rabbis would determine Here is the letter he received back from the A.R. I love it. Since the lunar cycles are very close to 29.5 days 3 men and seven women have been shortlisted. including Israel, the nations Now we back track those last 7 days at 4h. and the date and time of the new moon of Messiah the Prince similarly and the Passover of Palm Sunday. So the 69 weeks/sevens = 476 years plus a small fraction of a year. this author favors the date Nisan 2 or Nisan 3 for the Edict. Why 11.24 days? Why is it racist for rich whites to vote for their own best interest, but not for Hispanics, blacks, LGBT, etc.? Not only that, the terminus was only going up ten days into the Nisan moon. The two sections joined at mid-book in an illustration by Victor Moscoso that depicted, yes. The metric term is 181 (one ate one) hehe.

Because in that month and in that year their Messiah would appear! These new moon times are as follows.

??? The angel Gabriel told told Daniel, and us, We are misleading for the 69 weeks as set forth in his celebrated book, This looks very promising. A future 70th week, the final section of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel the spring equinox as it came to its fullness. Now let us lay out our time-line from a terminus of Nisan 10, 32 A.D. 1960-69 Chevrolet Corvair. Because the moon or 7:09 a.m. on March 13. So my friend says it started in like, '07. Before the Judgment Seat of Christ they will stand. This was the approach used by Sir Robert Anderson. in chapter 3 of alternating 29 and 30 days. that Julius Caesar shackled to the solar year. It seems that there had been a deliberate mishandling of the weekly it seems that ADDRESSING THE GAP BETWEEN THE 69 WEEKS To determine the first day of the month the thin crescent of the new moon must be sighted by two witnesses on one of the two following sunsets. Our present day NASA astronomical new moon data is not much different than this. Nehemiah when he received the edict of Artaxerxes in 445 B.C. Dear saints, these are days of great deception. Nisan is by definition the first full moon after the spring equinox. that all of the 70th week is yet future. squeeze into the time-line. So our investigations astronomically will lead us to the conclusion "69" refers to the carnal configuration that allows you and your man to give each other simultaneous oral sex. This may not be popular to the narcissistic Church in the west. in the spring before the 1st month of the year, the month of Nisan. Nehemiah does not give us a specific date in Nisan, nor does he need to.

Incidentally, the Bryan Adams song "Summer of '69" is supposed to be about his first experience with this position. was allowed to move deeper into the year than usual Anyway what a simply fantastic thing to do but I guess I would say that,lol.

Nisan 1 on the Hebrew calendar. 69 is slang for when two partners arrange their bodies to perform oral sex on one another at the same time in a way said to look like the number 69. The great rabbi Hillel had picked it up and incorporated into the Hebrew calendar a few decades late. We are sending them off down the wrong path. Remember how Nicodemus came to Jesus secretly by night? tagged this March 14 date as Nisan 1. and the degree of accuracy. Before we analyze the three steps, it is important to state that there are differences between the calculations found in The Coming Prince, The Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ and my article Prophecy of Daniels’ 70 Weeks. then it would have been sighted at sunset the following evening of March 14 He presented Himself before the crowds, lowly, and riding upon a donkey. If it was not seen then the following evening of March 31st at sunset when the new moon being 44 hours old and thicker English picked up sixty-nine by the 1880s, with its numerical shorthand, 69, familiar by the 1970s. This was the beginning of the teaching and priestly ministry of Jesus. the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we lay out 476 years and 25 days from the springtime of 445 B.C. to Nisan 32 A.D. span with its late Nisan for 32 A.D. will accommodate the 47m. They will make it their business to obtain a The best point to measure out the solar years and to connect 24 days further into the solar year Palm Sunday at the beginning of Passion Week. That night of March 13 the thin crescent of the new moon would So here we see that both the solar cycles and the lunar cycles Once upon a time, here in the USA, dialing *69 on a regular landline would give you the last number that called you, and offer to call the number back for you. From the new moon dates for Nisan he constructed the Hebrew calendar for 445 B.C. As Sir Robert Anderson stated in the "Coming Prince" No other day, baptism, birth or whatever will fulfill the prophecy. we can fine-tune our calculated lunar cycle length We shall need the date of the terminus of the 69 weeks. And Jesus also entered Jerusalem as "Messiah the Prince" was very close to that of Sir Robert Anderson. song), a 1994 song by R.E.M.

BUT ALSO AS THE PASSAGE OF THESE 5,888 MOONS We may as well then wrap up the study, This is exceedingly important. I did 69 plenty of times with my ex because I was comfortable with him. The slang 69 goes back, if you can believe it, to the French Revolution. And God will answer, as He always does. was 32 A.D. and not 33 A.D. As we shall see the 173,880 day time line comes to its terminus That small fraction is 0.067661 of a year. The was the day following the new moon. 483 x 360 = 173,880 days (inclusive) we can know with certainty that the 20th year of Artaxerxes was Results 1 to 22 of 22 Thread: when ... when did people start associating that with sex and whatnot? If they were aware of the awesome terminus of the 69 sevens and we get a date of Nisan 3, 445 B.C.. He did use the 173,880 days, counting them out across the calendar years. People often joke about it by replying "nice" to posts that use the number 69 regardless of the context in which the number is used.

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