what is wrong with rae in black snake moan

And, though a transplant, Mr. No one sees any value in her beyond her sex, and so she doesn’t either. Black Snake Moan appears to be—or, worse, pretends to be—oblivious to that simple fact. chaining her to a radiator) are extreme, physical restraint is the only thing that can stop her from immediately throwing herself back into the lifestyle that almost got her killed. Almost right away, though, their … If not for her nearly-naked body, battered and bruised and constantly displayed, I might have more sympathy for the film’s motivations. In fact, a hypersexual woman is one of the most active members of the radical mad pride/neurodiversity group I work with. Anyone have any ideas? Johnny and a couple pals kidnap Jake's 15-year-old brother, Zach, then assigns his buddy Frankie to be Zach's minder. (2006). Exclusive Offer: Save 25% off Beatles vs Stones musical... Shop men's and ladies' name brand boots under $30, New Chrome extension can save you hundreds, Kam Franklin and The Suffers to rock vote with online festival, Meet the artist inspiring women fighting breast cancer with casts, Pro-Trump caravan says DeAndre Hopkins flipped them off, Exclusive Offer: Save 25% off Beatles vs Stones musical showdown. Brewer, a white man, was all wrong. It’s at that point that she must find someone, anyone to screw, in order to make that feeling go away. Or, is this a female character finally owning her sexuality? She's the white-trash town tramp, molded by a life of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and verbal abuse from her mother, who seems to delight in reminding Rae of her mistake in not aborting her. Rae's popularity ranking on CharacTour is #4010 out of 5,600+ characters. And, after this conversation, I’m starting to wonder if I’m the problem, if I made the mistake of taking this film seriously, when what it really wants to be is one big sensationalist metaphor. Why does the revolution necessitate wholesale exploitation of women? "Like all of us.". Or maybe: What bullshit. Rae is pretty much “saved” by Lazarus, and Lazarus pretty much gets his shit together and “rises from the dead” (as Lazarus in the bible). A God-fearing bluesman takes to a wild young woman who, as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, looks everywhere for love, never quite finding it. You can cancel anytime. ©2008- 2020 Bitch Flicks. Brewer is well aware that the politics of the blues -- a form that many blacks feel was long ago appropriated by whites, leaving them to find new forms of musical expression -- can be as heated as the sexual politics of the pimps and prostitutes in "Hustle & Flow." Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: The Invisible Woman. What is wrong with her? Or it tries to be, at least. It's a steamy, searing saga of rigorous redemption confronting creepy Southern seediness. Overview… a bonafide nymphomaniac. Backwoods bluntness fires Black Snake Moan like a blues lick that stands your hair on end. Thus, provocative entertainment is served, while a meaningful message is squandered. ... Backwoods bluntness fires Black Snake Moan … "Lose Yourself," by Eminem, won in 2003. Is it really too much to ask for a sharp film to also be sharp about gender? Brewer sticks close to his turf, though the story line and musical genre shift. It's like an orgy.". Brewer said as he drove across the Paramount lot in late March. Lazarus and Rae, as it turns out, aren’t a couple but twins: Stubborn, damaged, and lonely, they each need something from the other. Though "Black Snake Moan" does not yet have a release date, Mr. "Sam got to see the Fat Possum studio in Oxford, and we took him to Clarksdale to the crossroads where it's said Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil. Black Snake Moan Lazarus, determined to drive out the demons from this suffering young woman, submerges her in an ice-cold bath (actually a terrible way to treat a fever, but let’s hope no one is watching this movie for first-aid advice), reads to her from the Bible, and eventually padlocks her to the radiator with that large, clanking chain. Black Snake Moan Trailer A God-fearing bluesman takes to a wild young woman who, as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, is looking everywhere for love, but never quite finding it. Personality… crude, lustful, and deeply sad. But in Black Snake Moan (and in the ubiquitous press photos accompanying its rollout), Ricci has dieted herself into near-invisibility. ", "Her character is conflicted," he said. Brewer, who sticks close to Memphis with his wife and young child when he's not casting his films in Hollywood or showing them on the lot, it represents a breakthrough of sorts: he is working directly with Paramount Classics, the studio's specialty division, after making his first two features on the independent circuit. She is talked about as a nymphomaniac, and has strange, demonic fits of desire, but she’s really a victim of rape and abuse. "I'm not into a celebration of the divide, and I'm not telling stories to be the writer who just visits the South to be a rescuer and healer. "God put you in my path, and I aim to cure you of your wickedness," Lazarus declares with a sternness born of bitter failure. If Lazarus is supposed to be so concerned with Rae’s well-being, not to mention immune to her sexual appeal, wouldn’t he insist she change into one of his clean shirts right away? Directed by Craig Brewer. Add that to Rae’s moment of catharsis where she beats the shit out of her mother with a mop handle (for allowing Rae to be raped, either by her father or another male figure in her home), and we see women destroyed by sex who we’re supposed to sympathize with. Later though, after Lazarus “cures” her by wrapping a giant chain around her waist and attaching it to a radiator, Rae is allowed to enter society again, showing up at a bar with Lazarus, drinking, rubbing up against everyone on the dance floor while Lazarus watches her from the stage, almost approvingly.

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