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Darth Malak war ein Dunkler Lord der Sith zur Zeit der Alten Sith-Kriege.Mit seinem Meister Revan wurde er unter dem Namen Alek Squinquargesimus – oftmals mit Squint abgekürzt – in der Jedi-Enklave auf Dantooine ausgebildet. Eventually, Malak was able to apparently kill Revan by having his flagship fire on his master’s ship while the Jedi ambushed him, and chose Bandon as his new apprentice and right hand. Moments before he died from wounds inflicted by a redeemed Revan, the Dark Lord allowed himself to let go of his hate and anger, reflecting on what his life could have been if he had not been corrupted by Revan as a Sith Lord—or if he had possessed the strength to forsake the dark side and return to the light, as Revan had done. At the beginning of Revan's quest to find the Star Forge, Malak was apprehensive, knowing that if he followed Revan any further, he would forever forsake his commitment to the Jedi and the Republic. Bandon agreed and began hunting for the Jedi and her companions. He also used the Force to tap into his innermost fears, pain, and hate and convert them into intense anger, which could be channeled to increase his speed, strength, and ferocity. Licking its wounds from the [Great Sith War], the Republic again found itself on the defensive as Mandalorian raiders attacked from the Outer Rim. Alek traveled with Carrick and his crew in the Williwaw so that the fugitive could rendezvous with Marn Hierogryph on Taris. Conferring with his three adversaries, Malak discovered that Revan still had no knowledge of his time as a Dark Lord. Leaders: Ajunta Pall | Tulak Hord | Marka Ragnos | Naga Sadow | Sith Emperor Vitiate | Sith Empress Acina [47] However, the Emperor underestimated the power and strength of their will and minds. [20] As Mandalore entered the Arkanian Legacy, Alek ignited his lightsaber and leaped forward in an attempt to kill Mandalore and end the war. Sith Lords: Aloysius Kallig | Darth Andru | Darth Angral | Darth Atroph | Darth Cendence | Darth Chratis | Darth Enraj | Darth Fastus | Darth Gravus | Darth Hexid | Darth Ikoral | Darth Jaga | Darth Kallous | Darth Lachris | Darth Malgus | Darth Minax | Darth Nurin | Darth Ouzal | Darth Sajar | Darth Serevin | Darth Silthaar | Darth Skotia | Darth Sorranos | Darth Tormen | Darth Venemal | Darth Vich | Darth Viktus | Darth Vilus | Darth Xedrix | Darth Zash | Lord Draahg | Lord Grathan | Lord Nefarid | Lord Praven | Lord Razer | Lord Sadic | Lord Tarnis | Lord Vivicar | Vindican | Xalek https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Darth_Bandon?oldid=4007509, Bandon’s name is derived from the word “abandon.”. Before he and the Revanchists left Taris, Alek shared this opinion with Carrick, and advised him that it was sometimes necessary to enter the darkness in order to save the light. [38], During his time as a Jedi, Malak was trained as a Jedi Guardian, focusing on lightsaber combat and physical aspects of the Force. After Malak revealed to Revan his former identity as the Dark Lord, Shan allowed herself to be captured by Malak so that Revan could escape. Malak expended tremendous resources in an attempt to locate and capture Shan. His head was bald and was covered in blue tattoos that he received from Zayne Carrick while he was helping clear his name. Malak was later mentioned in various entries in The Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol, written by John Jackson Miller for Hyperspace, an exclusive club on StarWars.com. When Malak inquired as to where Jarael was, Carrick told him that she had left his group. Malak was a tall human who was horridly injured in a lightsaber duel. Malak died with regret over his actions and without contempt toward his former friend. Template loop detected: Template:Quote

Malak, who had been separated from his Master, ordered the guns of his own flagship, the Leviathan, to fire on Revan's vessel in an attempt to slay both his Master and the Jedi—specifically the strike team's leader, Bastila Shan, because of her skills with battle meditation, a Force power that enabled her to strengthen the Republic forces' resolve and coordinate their fighting effort while sapping the will of their enemies. Darth Malak was a light-skinned Human male who stood two meters in height. [50] Because the victories during the Mandalorian Wars corresponded frequently with crushing moral compromises, Malak sensed that he was falling to the dark side but saw no alternative path. [1][50] The team managed to corner Revan on the bridge of his flagship. Four millennia before the Sith would eventually subvert the Galactic Republic into a New Order, the galaxy was still reeling from the last great Sith uprising. September 30, 2020 In, September 4, 2020 In, © Copyright Harry's Continental Kitchens - a something social site, Harry’s Italian Wine Dinner – November 4, 2020, Harry’s Italian Wine Dinner - November 4, 2020. However, Revan and his crew located the Star Forge and sent the space station's coordinates to Republic Admiral Forn Dodonna so that she could bring the Republic fleet and Jedi reinforcements led by Jedi Master Vandar Tokare to attack the Sith and their Star Forge. Malak wanted Revan to order the assassin droid HK-47, whom Revan had recently constructed, to kill her. The newly christened Darth Malak and Darth Revan were given a mission by the Sith Emperor to find the Star Forge, an ancient Rakatan space station, which would help to destroy the Jedi Order and the Republic. Upon his arrival aboard the Arkanian Legacy, Adasca's flagship, Alek was reunited with both Jarael and Dyre. Many believed that Bandon would soon challenge Malak to take command himself.

Assuming they would be victorious, Malak told Varko of his plans to begin the final conquest of the Core Worlds, which would crush the Republic permanently. [36] Both Malak and Revan were promoted to the rank of general. [9], Darth Malak was a light-skinned Human male who stood two meters in height. In this manner, agents of the Republic were able to find the station and confront Malak. Allerdings schloss er sich der Sache Revans nicht blauäugig an, wie dies einige andere Jedi taten. Instead, they led the remainder of their forces into the Unknown Regions,[10] hunting down surviving Mandalorians. Thus, he summoned Bandon to the bridge of his ship, who promptly blasted a Sith trooper aside for walking into his path. Malak realized that his former Master's powers had surpassed those that he had held during his reign as the Dark Lord. [25], After they ended Adasca's scheme and returned to Taris, Alek attempted to enter into a romantic relationship with Jarael.

Malak eventually earned a reputation for being a headstrong warrior that charged into danger recklessly. Apprentice of Revan, got killed by Revan. He was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order, and was nicknamed Squint by his fellow Jedi, before eventually becoming a Jedi Knight.

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