thronebreaker bronze card

Whenever you Swap this card, trigger its ability. Deathwish: Spawn a Harpy Hatchling on a random row. Muzzle: Restraint. Boost all aamaged allies under Hazard by 2 and Hazards from your side. Wyvern Scale Shield: Give a unit 8 Armor. The description says it has a mysterious aura around it, but the actual effect is seizing a unit. After 3 turns, on turn start, destroy that unit and self. If it's an. Carauerine: Restraint. For the terminology used in the card's abilities, see Thronebreaker cards terminology. In addition, when choosing the right cards, you have to pay attention to the army limit. If it’s already damaged, destroy them instead. Deploy: Damage 3 units by 3.

Boost a unit by the base power of a Bronze or Silver unit in your hand. The game is available on GOG, Steam, iOS and Android, Press J to jump to the feed. If you are looking for advice, news about the game or decklists, this is the right place! Deal 3 damage to an enemy. Mahakam Ale: Every turn, on turn end, boost a random ally on each row by 2. Before every puzzle, there’s an information menu … Frost: Every turn, at the start of your turn, Damage the Lowest Unit on the row by 2.

Damage the Highest Enemy on each row by 4. Apply Frost to a row on your opponent's side. Artefact Compression: Restraint Transform an enemy into Jade Figurine and move it to your hand. Deploy: Damage 3 units by 3. Lyrian Horn: Boost allies by 2 and damage enemies by 2. If it’s already damaged, destroy them instead. Zoria Runestone: Damage all enemies by 3. Whenever this unit is damaged, transform into a. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Then I got 150,000 during one game and figured I’d try for 1 million, and I was able to get it.

Any clue where? Royal Decree: Draw and play 2 Blitz units from your deck. Alzur’s Thunder: Damage a unit by 10 and adjacent to it by 5. If the row is full, destroy the enemy instead. Boost all copies of this unit in hand, deck, and on board by 1.

Every 2 turns, at the start of your turn, Consume the Unit to the right. It has couple of random effects like destroy an ally and boost your other units by its power, charm and something else. Tainted Ale: Restraint. Wyvern Scale Shield: Give a unit 8 Armor. Unique cards can be acquired during the story or in random events or even by collecting the fragments scattered accros the map, while others can be created using in the camp. Wolfsbane: Draw 2 units and set their power to 1. Deal damage equal to the base power of a Bronze or Silver unit in your hand. Bekker’s Dark Mirror: Damage the highest unit on the battlefield by up to 15 then boost the lowest unit by the amount damaged. Play a random Bronze Unit from your Deck. Deathwish: Play a copy of this unit from your deck. Black Blood: Damage all enemies by 1 and boost an ally by the amount damaged. Carauerine: Restraint. Ointment: Heal an ally and Strengthen it by 10. Rain: Every turn, at the start of your turn, Damage up to 2 random Units on the row by 1. Whenever an Enemy appears, Boost self by 1. Dimeritium Shackles: Summon 3 bronze units from the opponent’s deck to your side and Lock them. Blood: Look at 4 cards from your deck and play 2, then Discard the rest. Crow’s Eye: Move 6 random enemies to the other row and damage them by 2. There may be more to it, as I believe it always seizes the lowest enemy unit but I may be wrong, I’ve only used it four times. It has several random effects. Fresh Crew: Increase the Damage dealt by 1. If the enemy is under Blood Moon, deal 7 damage instead. Whenever an enemy on the opposite row is damaged, boost self by 1. Repeat this ability whenever you. You missed Bone Charm. Look at 2 Bronze Spells or Items from your deck, then play 1. Deal 7 damage to an enemy on a row with less than 4 units. Move a Unit on another row to this row on its side. Double the strength of all weakened non-Gold units on your side of the battlefield. Golden Froth: Boost all allies on a row by 4.

Transform a damaged unit into a bear.

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