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By contemporary standards, this would never be considered a feminist work. Moratín criticizes some women of the upper classes through Irene. Also, Irene herself has married older men three different times and it has always worked out, so Francisca shouldn't have anything to worry about. The popularity of the play among the public initially made critics reluctant to criticise it. While there, Diego tells Simón that he is engaged to Francisca. The son of the poet and playwright Nicolás Fernández de Moratín, he was an apologist of the French Encyclopaedists, a translator of Molière and William Shakespeare, and a satirist of contemporary … Classifications Dewey Decimal Class 862.4 Library of Congress PQ6541.S5 E5 1962 The Physical Object Pagination 106 p. Number of pages 106 ID Numbers Open Library OL5856534M Internet Archive maidensconsent00fern LC Control Number … Commonly, a girl's parents would either find a husband for her or make her become a nun. 0000001895 00000 n h�b```��3 cb�P.�����Hq1�2�cz�t�-�� +s�`��k>C�Vu���2�fc6�,�ظ���6�;����3�1��y ���z�ek'��u,�~0}`qcY���P�\κ���5��,3�̘�Y��lb��8�Ն�+�'�#����ga�sLX=�1�3�e��TŲ��"ss�wVK�)�,�X��6��r���0�`��z��[�9�f VG����-66- M E��Pt`�)d eK��9�-݊z�J]*�նt��4]���)���̷c�*�}k��m��j���ˑ��"�F S�� P����E���'?A0邜��������(bR �dA( s� a-J��� ������r l�`/�0�3y1�a���P�a����T�4�b��Gw6�/��K�q'�e0-�^��Q��2. Start This article has been rated as Start-Class on the project's quality scale. Simón is dubious, but Diego pays him no mind. Carlos says that he was on his way to Madrid so that he could visit his uncle. trailer The Maidens' Consent (Spanish: El sí de las niñas [el ˈsi ðe las ˈniɲas]) is a play by the Spanish playwright Leandro Fernández de Moratín. The maiden's consent — First published in 1962 Edition Notes Translation of El si de las niñas.
Diego's behavior is an example of poder ilustrado, ("enlightened power"), a kind of powerful man who factors reason and logic into his decision-making process. Translated and Adapted by Christopher O. Kidder from “El sí de las niñas” by Leandro Fernández de Moratín Characters Don Diego Don Carlos Doña Irene Doña Francisca Rita Simón Calamocha Setting An inn in Alcalá de Henares (a small city 20 miles East of Madrid). <> This certainly heats up the affair situation. It is revealed that Francisca has fallen in love over the summer with a young man named Félix, in spite of living in a convent with her aunt. A rich, elderly, bachelor (Diego) from Madrid and his servant, Simón, have traveled to the city of Guadalajara to escort a poor 16-year-old girl (Francisca) and her mother back to the capital. Carlos proves that theirs is not an illicit love, but rather they have spent 90 days just talking to one another and have thus fallen in love. … When Carlos arrives, Diego deliberately provokes him to see how much he cares for Francisca.

THE YOUNG LADY’S CONSENT. 0000005808 00000 n It was written in 1801 and first performed in 1806. However, Carlos offers to abandon Francisca if that is what his uncle would command. Leandro Fernández de Moratín, (born March 10, 1760, Madrid, Spain—died July 21, 1828, Paris, France), dramatist and poet, the most influential Neoclassic literary figure of the Spanish Enlightenment.. Diego has been looking for a wife with whom he can share friendship and mutual respect; he says that impassioned love is too emotional to be well thought out. He has never met the girl before, but her mother, Irene, has assured him, mostly through letters, that the girl is delighted to be marrying him. However, Moratín was commenting on the social institutions of his own day in Spain, compared to which his ideas are positively enlightened.

Diego realizes that he has been as commandeering to Carlos as Irene has been to Francisca, for which Diego has already criticized her. Also, by having the happy ending be that Francisca gets to choose her husband, Moratín advocates free choice for women, which was a fairly radical viewpoint for his time.
Although everyone (except Irene) maintains their decorum at all times, the servants help them maintain inner stability as well. The play is a satirical commentary on Spanish social norms of the time and has since become part of the repertoire. xref %PDF-1.7 %���� Irene assures him that it would be improper for a girl to express such feelings in front of a man, and that Francisca tells Irene all the time about how wonderful Diego is. They stop in the town of Alcalá de Henares to stay for the night. He sends Simón to get Carlos while he finally talks to Francisca about the marriage. %%EOF They stall until Diego shows up. Finally, Rita tells her that Félix has already come to Alcalá to help her, and Francisca immediately feels better. It ran for 26 successive performances in Madrid, which was an unusually long run for a play at that time. Because of political and ecclesiastical opposition to his French sympathies, he spent most of his life after 1814 in France, where he died; he was buried between his models Molière and Jean de La Fontaine, but… However, the male characters trick others also, such as when Calamocha and Simón are attempting to conceal their own purposes for having come to Alcalá, or when Diego pretends that he doesn't know about the relationship between Francisca and Carlos in order to find out how she really feels. 0000003407 00000 n The Maidens' Consent is a play by the Spanish playwright Leandro Fernández de Moratín.

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Finally, Diego decides that it would be better for Francisca to have free choice of what she wants to do, and she decides to marry Carlos.

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