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Remember, editing your listing will initiate the print cycle for current orders. Also, if you’re going to sell these products for a limited time then you should also schedule a selling end date at this time within the listing’s settings. ), Duplicate a listing settings and products, Archive listings to remove them from your dashboard view, Relaunch ended listings to make products available for purchase. Once your samples arrive you should definitely share photos and videos wearing them. … You should definitely order merch samples prior to launch so it arrives as soon as possible. Simply click the pencil icon of the listing your want to edit. Also keep in mind orders are produced (printed) every three days and this three day period is known as a “print cycle” (learn more below). For example, see how @narconugget [1.5M subscribers] gave followers a heads up on Instagram about his new Champion x Teespring collection 3 – 4 days in advance. Choose the date you want your new products to be available for purchase. Below is an example of a promo image created by @rockykanaka [1.38M subscribers]. Teespring is the free and easy way to bring your ideas to life. Teespring Store 6185 followers teespring_inc ( 201174 teespring_inc's feedback score is 201174 ) 99.1% teespring_inc has 99.1% Positive Feedback Millions of people use Teespring to turn ideas into high … He also asks people to share their photos with him and includes a link to his shop so more people can buy the merch for themselves. Check Google Analytics and Teespring Analytics to see where most of your store and listing page visitors came from. If you want to end a listing’s print cycle immediately you can select the “End Immediately” option too. You can apply your design changes to your chosen product or alternatively, toggle the bulk edit option to apply your design changes to all products on the listing. This period typically lasts two to four weeks. It’s time to plan your publishing schedule for your promotional content.Below in an example of a post/email schedule for Cyber Weekend (created using Google Sheets). Try to schedule this date at least 3 – 7 days in advance so you have time to create promotional content. Please note TeespringGoproducts (such as lapel pins or plushies) … You can … With Teespring’s new product category update it’s easier than ever for shoppers to find products in your store. This guide has been developed based on the process and promotional tactics of top selling Teespring users over the years. Step 5 Change your store … Categories areautomatically enabled for any new storefronts you create (after May 10, 2019). Edit listings title, details, price, etc. Learn how to successfully launch your products on Teespring from start to finish. make them available for purchase) you should start posting teasers and hints around the upcoming launch to create hype. Within the seven days before you ‘launch’ your new products (i.e. Navigate to the “Listings” section of your dashboard and click the gear icon (settings) on the listing you want to edit.
The new price will not impact current/previous orders placed within that print cycle before the change. Social proof can affirm the quality of your products, encourage a sense of community, and give you promotional content to share for future launches.

Next time you can focus promotional efforts on these channels. Teespring handles the rest - production, shipping, and customer service - and you keep the profit! The key is to stick with a frequency that works for you and your target audience. This should allow enough time for the products to be added within your merch shelf catalog. It’s free to use and you can create and sell over 50+ print-on-demand products instantly. Once you reach the end of your promotional schedule have a look back on how you did. Archiving listings will remove them from visibility in the the “Listings” section of your dashboard. If photos of you wearing products gets followers excited imagine how much they’ll love the chance to be featured on your channels! @mississippi_golend_gurls [188k followers] highlights fan selfies on Instagram to thank them for their support. Keep in mind by checking this option, it will add the timer to all of your listings. You can update the following settings for each listing: You can control who sees your Teespring listings and products by updating a listing’s visibility setting.
Design your product, set a price, and start selling. You’ll have an overview of sales, profit, and the fulfillment region of each listing based on its products (US, EU, or global). Shop Men's & Women's Cool Cute Funny Vintage unique graphic designs White, Red Black, Maroon Green, Navyblue, Pink color T-Shirts Hoodies Tank Tops Long Sleeves Shirt Sweatshirt, Kids T-shirts From The World's Best Tshirts Platfrom Teespring Stores. (You’ll have about a 2 hour window before your product goes to print after your print cycle ends). Update listing settings (schedule end date, print cycle, visibility settings, etc. Millions of people use Teespring to turn ideas into high-quality products. Then select the end date, time, time zone, and save your selection. Draft the text you’ll publish when posting on social media platforms, in promo videos, etc. You can relaunch listings at any time in the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account. Teespring handles the rest - production, shipping, and customer service - and you keep the profit! You’ll want to continuously promote your products every few days using a variety of channels over the next two to four weeks. You can request buyer selfies through your social media channels or using the buyer message tool in your Teespring account.

The ‘Listings’ section is where you can view and edit all of your product listings. The exact publishing sequence will depend on what you think works best for your audience.

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