suffragette protests

A new museum devoted to telling this story provides a much fuller picture of what happened when women protested for their rights. Adjacent to the former prison site, in a regional park, sits the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial, which states, “When news of the treatment of the suffragists reached the public, it became the turning point in the fight for the right to vote.” The truth, according to some historians, is a little more complicated. Lydia Becker - inspired Emmeline to start campaigning. A circumstance of the District’s unique position as the seat of government without any self-rule, the prison had been established a few years prior by an order of Congress.

Christabel thought other causes such as equality should not be linked to women's suffrage as inequality would be solved when women were given the vote. The Daily Mail gave the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) the name Suffragettes as a derogatory term in 1906. George Lansbury MP resigned so he could fight a by-election on the suffrage question.

“Without her years of work, vision and energetic promotion, advocacy and direction, the prison would probably have disappeared into development, and its history lost,” says Sallie Lyons, a colleague from the Fairfax County History Commission, which helped Clifton establish the Museum. Founded in 1913 as the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage (CU), the National Woman's Party (NWP) was instrumental in raising public awareness of the women's suffrage campaign. Students recreate a suffragette protest march through the town center at Royal Holloway, University of London on Feb. 6, 2018 in Egham, England. According to Reagan, who also volunteers at the museum, Clifton was not able to leverage the suffrage history in a complex bureaucratic transfer of lands and buildings that resulted in Fairfax Water’s wastewater treatment plant, which now sits where the suffragists were once held. Prison authorities had tried to suppress public awareness of what was going on. Clifton died of pancreatic cancer in 2019, just months before the museum she had worked towards for 20 years was due to open. It was that middle-class white women had to suffer the indignities of the American penal system, which included interacting with black women. Like everything in 2020, nothing has gone according to plan for the Lucy Burns Museum.

These books include the only complete record of the suffragists sent to Occoquan. The Lucy Burns Museum doesn’t frame suffrage as a story of police brutality; many of its stakeholders are former prison employees, and no former prisoners serve on the board or had curatorial input. But pickets were certainly not the only way such attention was won, and the suffrage movement had picked up steam and was winning successes in the states before the pickets started.”.
As Robyn Muncy, a historian at the University of Maryland says, “All suffrage activism contributed to the successes of the movement. She wrote about meeting other women in prison—women who had less privilege, faced longer sentences for lesser crimes and weren’t afforded the possibility of presidential pardon. And so despite the centennial, despite the publicity and interest the museum has received this year, it is only open one day per week. She created most of the iconic tricolour WSPU gear such as banners, jewellery and exhibition design. Though other suffragists voiced concern that the protest criticizing President Woodrow Wilson could stain the entire movement as unpatriotic, that did not deter the most resolute picketers. “On the other, they knew if the women were charged and—worse—sent to prison, they would be instant martyrs.” The police eventually decided the protesters had illegally obstructed traffic. She went on to tell how Burns was chained to a cell with her hands over her head all night in “a position of torture” and how Dorothy Day—later the founder of the Catholic Worker Movement—was “thrown back and forth over the back of the bench, one man throttling her while the other two were at her shoulders.” Brannan’s words carried weight among American upper and middle-class men, who might have dismissed younger, single women such as Paul or Burns as radical, hysterical women, but would be less likely to brush off Brannan, the wife of a prominent physician and the daughter of one of President Lincoln’s well-known advisors. In explaining the brutality around the forced feeding but also the impact, the Lucy Burns Museum director Laura McKie says, “If they were willing to stand being force fed, they would have been willing to die.”. The Lucy Burns Museum features statues of Burns and Paul that visitors can pose with, farm implements from the prison’s agriculture program and objects like shivs that attest to the violence of the criminal justice system.

Small boys were allowed to capture souvenirs, shreds of the banners torn from non-resistant women, as trophies of the sport.”. Small boys were allowed to capture souvenirs, shreds of the banners torn from non-resistant women, as trophies of the sport.” Men rip up a suffrage banner on June 22, the same day the first of the pickets were arrested. Clifton took it upon herself to collect stories and objects, setting up an informal museum in her office during her 26 years at Lorton.

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