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hey Santa you are really cool and awesome and many other thing I w ant every thing at justice (I really mean everything), I love you Santa and i totally believe in you. I have been really bad this year I wonder if you can give me three more chances to get rid of my behavior and I also wonder if you can help my mom change her mind about not getting nothing for Christmas Love asijah, Dear Santa,I want lots of lps this year am I on the nice list? I can’t wait for christmas to see you on the fire truck.I am excited.there are only 11 days left.hi elfs stop being excited its almoSt time.i love all of yous so much.tell santa claus I have been so good this are the reindeers doing.I have to tell you something sister is having a baby today.I have some else to tell you I have a boyfriends at school and at shop rite and planet fittness. A few CDs:Lady Ga Ga, Austin and Ally, and a another One Driection CD and Teen Beach CD. I only think it’s to soon to get excited for Christmas when it’s not my birthday let. - check out the More Apps page! there is only 44 days now until Christmas day cant wait im going to see all of my family at that time its going to feel good. I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your device does not allow sound to play automatically on load. I’m right now watching “Dr. Day 2020. I am so exited for Christmas! Noddy And Snowflake are my elves and I would like to talk to Noddy. I am the only person of all my friends that believes in you. Including Instagram!Listen to Christmas songs whilst watching the time creep closer to Christmas. thanks ps sorry if I spelt a bit wrong thanks agin make sure the raindeer are heathly love you bey. There are opinions that the Yule celebration of the Pagan culture turned into Christmas after the spread of Christianity had evolved. anyways i am really looking foward to you delivering the presents. Hi santa my name is chelsey williams im hoping to a video camera so i can record my self singing and making vido for youtube giving addvice to the little kids, I truly believe in you, Santa! :( but I was just wondering.Merry Christmes.:). Mommy and Daddy told me, Dear Santa I want for Christmas is my uncle nick get much better and out of the hospital soon DoryJanke, Hi Santa I hope you know I want for Christmas in Phoenix is sitting in a Sanders Susan sanders are you are you I hope you got the letter I hope you remember OK Can’t read really well I hope you know I want for Christmas attic if I sent you that the lead it to you sooner I guess you got it do you remember who I am Santa remember who I was supposed to get something big for Christmas, Kimberly Burnell I have been a good girl my dad said few mins ago Iam angle on top Christmas tree green big Kimberly Burnell for Christmas I want my mom penny Burnell real mom Kimberly Burnell daughter blue eyes superise big coming too me for Christmas eve night Christmas early mouing penny Burnell mom she drives dark blue blazer car big special new message for you Santa Claus from Kimberly Burnell, Hi I love you thank you for everything you do um you can miss me out if you have other people to visit cause I don’t want them to be upset. I have been asking and asking for a puppy for 3 years now and I was hopeing that you might be able to get me one, I want a small dog a Yorkie and all the supplies and clothes for her yes I want a girl! I know, It’s been three years, and I still haven’t brought it (as stupid as putting cheese on cookies! also what is very amazing is, there aren’t any videos! Hi Santa! Dear Santa I was wondering if you can tell me how many day’s intil Christmess? Dear Santa. 75 more sleep”s in tell Christmas and days! Santa Claus is a mythological character who brings gifts to well-behaved children at Christmas night or morning. I have been a very lovely boy this year. I would like a brand new Kendal for me and my brother and sister. My mom and dad keep saying that I can’t get a trampaline but I still want it if it was the only thing under the christmas tree I would be very happy and plese don’t let it be small I just need to practice my flips. Showing days, hours, minutes and seconds ticking down to 0 WITH LOTS OF LOVE,Love —————— Chloe p.s. Ive got two messages on this blog now the other one was about the stocking disaster! Hi! Hi santa I love you thank you for all the presents you gave me last year and if you give me them for Christmas hi to mrs claws the elves and the raindeers I will leave you cockies and milk and carrots for the raindeer if I don’t get a puppy for my birthday then could I pleas have one for Christmas a cocker spanil please if I have one please may I have a build a bear. I love how you can change the background to different Christmas themes, Santa, snowman and more. 67 Days. Dear santa can you get me call of duty ghost and grand theft auto 5, I LOVE CHRISTMAS also Santa I am getting baptized on February 14, 2014, only 28 days until christmas,or is it 29?santa i would like to let you know something i left out about the mlp eg costume in my letter to you,the shoes,i want them to look like they are from the actual movie,you know like hooves. The. I want a special blanket for Christ mas, Every day I wonder how long it is until Christmas and I am hopping I wont have a cold like last year so I’m hopping if I didn’t get a cold like last year, Merry Christmas and thank you for letting every good little boy and girl have a merry Christmas . 53 more sleeps left until Christmas woot i am very excited for Christmas because my mum and dad are giving me an ipad mini but i told them it`s a surprise for me but then they told me what it was but they never told me about the other things. im 9 how old are you on bye bye love from me breanna ro breeee, hi santa im 11 now its September 2015 now I cant wait 93 or 94 sleeps til Christmas cant wait I love you and my family byeee xxx leanne, I don’t think its too early at all I love Christmas having time with my family being happy getting presents celebrating ohhh Christmas, i know that i dont deseverv this but i want a pink ipone that is not smll but just right for me. I Hope you have a good one!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a ferrari a purple one and pink. Anyways Merry Christmas!!! Caden is my brother and he is all ways mean to me, Hi this is you know you ……wink….. Mia and i just wanted to say that CAN my elf pls pls pls come tonight now Santa i know you are very busy so are the elves but like Santa you never respond like you never say like… yes snowflake may come tonight or no she can’t and can she pls come now Santa i have…….6 days off from school and i want to make it very special pls , snowflake i wish i was there at the north pole because you guys have snow like everyday i think and snowflake pls come and i don’t care what anybody says i love you snowflake and you to Santa i will NEVER forget you. I love Christmas is the best time of year. Dear santa I would like a puppy if u can get me one that would be awesome because I ❤ christmas and u. Dear Santa, I can’t wait till Christmas and tell your elves to be excited and Merry Christmas. If you’re wondering who Eddie is, he’s my elf on the shelf. Hi santa I was wondering if u have any christmas song ideas for me to sing as a solo for chorus. If you think I have been a good girl this year and you would like to get me this present I would love it, this present is a horse I know a horse is a lot of money, but I think your magic so it would be pretty easy, I have been asking for a horse for a few years now I also ride horses so that why I love horses. Seuss’ How the Grinch stole Christmas”. You can go to the “How many days until New Year subject?” and you can follow the time period that remains to the New Year. Santa Fit To Fly for Christmas 2019? but it is hard to hold in all that excitement for what seems to be so long!!!!!!!! It’s just 75 more sleeps… To the big Christmas Nighted! For example if there is 0 days and 11 hours left until If you were looking forward to the next year, then this article would help you understand the countdown to Christmas. Dear santa, please bring me a iPhone or an galaxy phone. And a MacBook air rose gold computer, Hi Santa, im looking forward till christmas:D. I love you Santa only 40 days till Christmas and a week till thanksgiving my elves come back thanksgiving night but I am sure you already know that ❤️ LOVE YOU I HERD YOU LAST YEAR KIDS SANTA IS SOOOOO REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click to find out about their little secrets. 10. I’m starting to count down how many days there are until Christmas. On. I have been a very good boy this year… I would like a dog for Christmas. They are the ones that need it most not the people who are very wealthy. Ummmm…….. It also has a Radio player where you can find a list of radio stations with beautiful Christmas carols that you can listen to. Please read it carefully so you know exactly what I want.. okedoke artichoke that pretty much wraps every thing up!! #Christmas #ChristmasDay #MerryChristmas #FroheWeihnachten #FelizNavidad #LoveChristmas when do u come to my housr on christmas eve night? workshop, Christmas Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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