poppy cat watch cartoon

Poppy Cat is an adventurer, an explorer and a very, very good friend! Poppy Cat. Sing and dance along with Poppy Cat to Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! X Poppy Cat - Marshmallow Mines. 16 Big Bubbles 19 May 2011 Poppy Cat opening credits, featuring Poppy Cat, Zuzu the dog, Alma the rabbit, Mo the mouse, Owl and Egbert the badger. Play games, watch clips, and learn about Poppy Cat and her friends who make adventures extraordinary! Colour-in PDF. The faster the better when Zuzu is around, he’s always full of energy! Watch a video clip where Poppy Cat and friends go on an adventure in a rocket to the marshmallow mines. Colour-in PDF. Zuzu. While watching 'Rocket Cat,' there is a powercut, leaving Poppy and friends to worry about the fate of their hero, who is trapped in the Marshmallow Mines.

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