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Of Oslo's 624,000 inhabitants, 189,400 were immigrants or born to immigrant parents, representing 30.4 percent of the capital's population. Information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and measures taken in the city of Oslo.

It was established as a municipality (formannskapsdistrikt) on 1 January 1838. In 1174, Hovedøya Abbey was built. or read more on the official website for Oslo. For other uses, see, This article is about the city is packed with immigrants, which is racist.

German architectural influence persisted in Norway, and many wooden buildings followed the principles of Neoclassicism. The two dominant companies are Aller Media and Hjemmet Mortensen AB. Oslo has many parks and green areas within the city core, as well as outside it. They got help from locals with insider vibes. The strong economy transformed Christiania into a trading port.
In 2018 Oslo is named one of Lonely Planet's Top Ten Cities.
Welcome to the capital’s summer island paradise! [138] In 2015, according to Statistics Norway annual report, there were 647,676 permanent residents in the Oslo municipality, of which 628,719 resided in the city proper. The Conservative Party is the most represented party in Oslo with six members, the Labour Party has five, the Progress Party, the Liberals and the Socialist Left Party have two each; the Green Party and the Red Party have one each. Most of the buildings in the city and in neighbouring communities are low in height with only the Plaza, Posthuset and the highrises at Bjørvika considerably taller.[61]. Bygdøy, outside the city centre is the centre for history and the Norwegian Vikings' history. [44] The population increased from approximately 10 000 in 1814 to 230 000 in 1900. Her day in the capital of Norway will be busy, but fun. Oslo is the capital of Norway. [70] The reason for this discrepancy is that the EIU omits certain factors from its final index calculation, most notably housing. Under the reign of Olaf III of Norway, Oslo became a cultural centre for Eastern Norway. The Munch Museum contains The Scream and other works by Edvard Munch, who donated all his work to the city after his death. Most great Norwegian authors have lived in Oslo for some period in their life. The strong economy transformed Christiania into a trading port. The fjord, which is nearly bisected by the Nesodden peninsula opposite Oslo, lies to the south; in all other directions Oslo is surrounded by green hills and mountains. May 2018 saw hotter than average temperatures throughout the month. In Norway, climbing mountains feels like the most natural thing to do – so why should this not also apply to buildings? [35] The seal of Oslo shows the city's patron saint, St. Hallvard, with his attributes, the millstone and arrows, with a naked woman at his feet. Oslo (with neighbouring Sandvika-Asker) is built in a horseshoe shape on the shores of the Oslofjord and limited in most directions by hills and forests. The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony is headed by the Institute; the award ceremony is held annually in The City Hall on 10 December. To the north and east, wide forested hills (Marka) rise above the city giving the location the shape of a giant amphitheatre.

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