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Hague told him that down on Earth, water wants to go downhill, so if you pour it into a glass, it stays there. 10 Common Scholarship Interview Questions & Answers. Sometimes Nick goes by various nicknames including Nick Mahaudahl Haque, Nick M Haque, Nick Hague and Wick Haque. Around 17,500 miles an hour, the astronaut answered. The launch "feels like riding a really long, really fast roller coaster," he said. Former San Jose Sober Living House Manager Arrested On Sex Charges, Iconic Coca-Cola Billboard In San Francisco South of Market Coming Down Permanently After 83 Years, Fed-Up California Restaurant Owners Seek $100M In Refunds For Booze, Health Fees, UPDATE: Overloaded Generator Sparks Oakland Hills Fire In Area Scarred By 1991 Firestorm; 2 Homes Burned, Update: Gusty 89 MPH Winds Whip Through North Bay Mountains; Crews Respond To Fires In North And East Bay, Protester Arrested In Walnut Creek After Occupants Of SUV Terrorized, UPDATE Authorities Identify Man Found Dead In Burning Debris Pile In San Francisco's SoMa, South San Francisco Burglary Crew Busted; Believed Responsible For Nearly 100 Bay Area Burglaries, Police Discover Body Burning Amid Debris Pile On San Francisco Side Street, Mountain View Police Seek ID Theft Suspect Who Stole Nearly $2,000 From Bank Account, Public File for KBCW-TV / KBCW 44 Cable 12. Eleven-year-old Ader Deng, who attends Azalea Gardens Middle School, got to ask Hague how one drinks liquids in microgravity.

His latest endeavor is taking him to the Bay Area for the “Destination Station”campaign. NASA is accepting applications beginning next week. “One of the best things about the whole experience was putting on a headset and getting to talk to the investigator, the scientist, the researcher, the developer on the ground as I’m working with their instrument and there guiding me on how to do it correctly and we’re discovering this together and that sense of being connected to that team.” Hague said.

7/11/2020 . He demonstrated by letting go of his microphone and letting it drift. The students at the Slover Library on Friday "will be called the Artemis generation," he said, referring to NASA's program to return to the moon by 2024. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. Hague was selected as an astronaut in 2013, according to NASA's website. Nick Haque currently lives in Los Angeles, CA; in the past Nick has also lived in Playa Del Rey CA. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. "Space is a huge place," Bowles told them.

“We’re looking at this wide spectrum of things.”. Do you dream in a weightless environment now? He further describes how the perspective of earth from space makes him realize the importance of the planet and the need for humanity to preserve it. In opening remarks before the Q&A, David Bowles, director of NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, said he was 13 during the Apollo 11 mission that landed humans on the moon and was forever enthralled. The space station could commute the distance from Norfolk to Washington, D.C., in a minute, he added. Nick Hague Thank you Daniel, I appreciate your review. He's set to return this fall after nearly seven months in space. Trying to start 3D printing human organs,” Hague continued. If you press the water up without putting it in your mouth first, he showed, the liquid simply bubbles up and floats away like a balloon. NASA Astronaut Nick Hague has a new mission here on Earth after spending six months in space. Achieving your dream, he said, "is not always going to be easy.". ", Katherine Hafner, 757-222-5208, [email protected], The first construction — and demolition — in Norfolk’s St. Paul’s overhaul is starting soon, German shepherd kills 2-month-old baby girl in Hampton; police say parents awoke to movement on bed.

"Up here, it doesn't do that. Twenty local students were chosen to ask questions, which were submitted by students around the country. There’s a redistricting question on Virginia’s ballot. Hague, a 1998 Academy graduate, is an astronaut, and Reilly, a 2007 Academy graduate, is a special operations pilot.

"You get pressed back into your seat and you feel about four times your normal weight.". But that’s the reason we’re there because I can let that water float for longer than a few seconds which is the most we can do here on the ground.” Hague said. Can you take your pets with you to space? How fast does a rocket go when heading to the space station? Nick Hague says he is ready to launch again. The mission: a … Hague further uses water as an example in explaining how the impact of zero gravity can give a different perspective on how to conduct research. Best regards, Ylber. Hague emphasized how conducting research in space helps shape the importance on how the elements of an environment can serve fundamentally and influence on a certain extent the results of an investigation. U.S. astronaut Nick Hague, top, and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin, crew members of the mission to the International Space Station wave … It was my pleasure to assist you with your mortgage needs and I am glad to hear you are happy with your new, low rate. And follow your dreams. She wondered, "How do you garden in space?". He thought the astronaut would be able to drink like normal.

"Whoooa," was the collective audience response. "I thought it was really cool," added Jackson Martin, 9. "Station, this is Slover Library, how do you hear me?" Lynnhaven Elementary School first grader Korra Mattone, 6, was one of the chosen questioners. The event took place Monday, September 23, 2019, at The Children’s Inn on the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland.

You get up there and the thing I’d like to do to demonstrate space is just take water and squirted out into the air and you just watch it dance in front of you. "Get excited. He'd been reluctant to miss a pool party to come to the library, but he ended up being OK with the choice. Hague talked about his recent space mission and his research aboard the International Space Station. Hague also took the time to encourage anyone interested in becoming astronaut and research opportunities head on to NASA’s careers website to learn more.

“You can also see the human impacts on the planet … I know the earth is very precious and we need to do everything we can to protect it.”. Water wants to float around, like everything else wants to float around.".

Here’s what it’s all about. Hague also explains the process of working with a team of scientists and experts from around the world that helped guide him and his colleagues into their research. NCATS collaborated with The Children's Inn at NIH, the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) and the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory (ISS National Lab) to host Ask an Astronaut: Biomedical Science Edition.

a woman asked from downtown Norfolk. Hague conducted several experiments while in space, ranging from sequencing human organs, utilizing a 3D printer and trying to improve materials such as rubber to use in the automotive industry. When asked what was the hardest part of his job, Hague spoke about overcoming challenges. He also explains how the different dimensions of the earth seen from space such as a hurricane add to a scale that connects earth as an organism. “We did almost 350 investigations while I was onboard for my 200 days and it ranged from everything from trying to doing, genetic sequencing and doing some editing to 3D printing. More than 250 students gathered at Slover to ask questions to astronaut, How To Find Scholarship For College For Free, Tips To Get Scholarship For International Student, What Should You Prepare Before Applying For A Scholarship, Berkshire taconic community foundation scholarship, California Community Foundatio… scholarship, 10 Common Scholarship Questions You Need To Know, How Scholarship & Grants Affect Your Taxes. Yes, Hague said, "it's natural that in my dreams things float now."

Deng said later that he was surprised by the answer. He's part of the Expedition 59 and 60 crew that launched to the space station in March aboard the Soyuz spacecraft and has been conducting about 250 "science investigations" in fields such as biology, human research and technology development. By removing gravity, we can really understand the nuisances of everything around us and that’s where the discovery happens in understanding those finer points.”. SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — NASA Astronaut Nick Hague has a new mission here on Earth after spending six months in space. "I hear you loud and clear," responded astronaut Nick Hague, about 200 miles away from Earth. Unfortunately no, though astronauts have brought various organisms and animals to study over the years, Hague said. "It was amazing!". He applied to be an astronaut three times before being chosen, and it ultimately took a decade. NASA astronaut Col. Tyler N. "Nick" Hague waits to be lowered into a pool containing a mockup of the International Space Station at the Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston in April 2017. Smoothest Refinance.

“It just floats there for as long as I want it to.

Hague was selected as an astronaut in 2013, according to NASA's website. Hague, an astronaut and native of Hoxie, Kan., was inside a Soyuz MS10 rocket that failed about two minutes into launch in October.. "But he changed my mind," Deng said. Feel free to reach out to me if you need me in the future. That was the Apollo generation. Korra's mother, Arianne Mattone, said their whole family is "pretty into space" and goes to the public shows at Old Dominion University's Pretlow Planetarium every Wednesday. They were gathered for an "in-flight education downlink," a Q&A session from space. The children cheered as an image of Hague appeared on a large screen. Nick Hague greets family members, after the "Soyuz" spacecraft made an emergency landing following a failure of its booster rockets, upon the …

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“You know I was up there during hurricane Dorian … It’s just this fluffy pancake sitting on the atmosphere and you can stare down the avid and see the ocean right through it but you know how destructive it is.” Hague said. They currently grow lettuce and other things aboard the station, but they're still figuring it out, he said. "As you can imagine, a bunch of astronauts sitting around having dinner, we like to play with our food, we like to play with our drinks," Hague said. One of the purposes for Hague’s work in space is that it implements the idea of developing and testing new methods of research in different environments such as zero gravity. Scientists are always learning new things about the final frontier, Mattone said, and she hopes her two daughters will go into the field. His latest endeavor is taking him to the Bay Area for the “Destination Station”campaign. Summary: Nick Haque is 54 years old and was born on 12/01/1965. He pulled out a drinking pouch with a straw.

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