moon map 2020

Now you can have all the dates and times for all the Moon phases for the year at your fingertips. Graphics: A ‘Harvest Moon’ rising over the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains as seen from Pasadena, CA in September 2016. International Observe the Moon Night 2019 Results. Points of interest on the Moon for International Observe the Moon Night 2019. Along with merging new and old data, USGS researchers also developed a unified description of the stratigraphy, or rock layers, of the moon. NASA Official: Apollo 50th Anniversary: An Opportunity to Celebrate Past, Present, and Future Lunar Exploration. All six landing sites are visible tonight. When we gaze up at Earth’s moon in the night sky we can see it’s covered in a pattern that’s become familiar to all of us.

The animation archived on this page shows the geocentric phase, libration, position angle of the axis, and apparent diameter of the Moon throughout the year 2020, at hourly intervals. Until the end of 2020, the initial Dial-A-Moon image will be the frame from this animation for the current hour.
This map depicts the Moon as it will appear from the northern or southern hemisphere on International Observe the Moon Night, September 26, 2020. Northern Hemisphere showing human landing sites, Southern Hemisphere showing human landing sites, You can join International Observe the Moon Night from wherever you are. A complete slideshow overview of NASA's Apollo lunar exploration program. Vi Nguyen.

Resource maps for observers in the Northern Hemisphere: Northern Hemisphere showing lunar maria In the early morning hours of April 15, 2014, the Moon enters the Earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse. Unified Geologic Map of the Moon, 1:5M, 2020. A ‘Harvest Moon’ is the full moon nearest the start of Fall, or the autumnal eq... Channel your inner astronaut! You can check it out for yourself, but be warned, the massive image will take some time to load up on your screen.

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Andrea Jones, Caela Barry, Tracy Vogel Today’s top deals: Early Amazon Black Friday 2020 sale, $1.40 black KN95 masks, Clorox wipes, $17 portable speaker, more, Too many people are ignoring one of the easiest ways to catch COVID-19, Dr. Fauci says, This breakthrough could be a huge turning point for the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Fauci is finally fed up with Trump’s continued attacks over coronavirus, It’s official: We’re not getting new stimulus checks before the election, How to get the awesome MyQ smart garage door opener from Amazon for just $7.49. Content Development: This image shows the locations of many spacecraft that have landed on the moon. Resource maps for observers in the Northern Hemisphere: Northern Hemisphere showing telesopic objects. This powerpoint was developed by LPI for use in teacher workshops, but may be modified for individual use. Furthermore, the first-quarter Moon offers excellent viewing opportunities along the terminator (the line between night and day), where shadows enhance the Moon’s cratered landscape. Find them with your binoculars or telescopes! In it, the scientists explain how this new map will be used in future research and mission planning. Molly Wasser

reporting is second only to his gaming addiction. Illustration to promote International Observe the Moon Night. April 27, 2020 Even at its closest approach, the moon doesn’t come within 220,000 miles of Earth.
The United States Geological Survey explains how the map came to be: To create the new digital map, scientists used information from six Apollo-era regional maps along with updated information from recent satellite missions to the moon. With renewed interest in lunar exploration from NASA, the ESA, and other scientific bodies, having an accurate map of the Moon will prove vital in planning both manned and unmanned missions to its surface.

Why pay $250+ for a box of 3M N95 masks when these work better for $1.89 each? Many of the best views will occur along the terminator (the line between the day and night side of the Moon). Attend or host a virtual or in-person event, or observe the Moon from home. NASA, which maintains that it will be able to send humans back to the Moon by 2024, is doing its best to stay on schedule.

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