minnie mouse delayed date

Mickey's Delayed Date When she puts it on him, Pluto does whatever he can to try to get it off, eventually shrinking it to the perfect size for Figaro.

Jon Reeves , I love Disney and Mickey Mouse; I loved Mickey's Delayed Date. He dresses quickly and makes a mad dash for the dance hall, but what he doesn't realize is that the tickets have dropped out of the envelope Pluto brought to him. As Mickey, Donald and Goofy are preparing their tugboat to head out to sea, they receive a distress call from a sinking ship. The music as always is dynamic and energetic, ever enhancing the pace, dialogue and sight gags, which are all very amusing especially with the top hat. Minnie tells Mickey that they can go in as soon as Mickey gives the tickets. The snow covered mountains; but not to worry, rescue dog Pluto is on duty. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Distributor Mickey’s Delayed Date 6429views Angry that he is late for their date at a party, Minnie calls Mickey, who has been sleeping all this time.

Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Living Color, Volume Two (1939-Today). It is beautifully animated, with the backgrounds typically fluid and the colours(and Mickey) looking elegant. A playful seal keeps stealing his cask of grog. With the help of Pluto, Mickey gets dressed for the date, but loses the tickets to the show on his way out the door. English Studio(s)

Pluto's efforts to dig up a bone are frustrated by his allergy to goldenrod, and by a gopher who is using the bone to prop up his tunnel. This program is presented as originally created. But, it appears that the June and July collections have been postponed! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. It was the last Mickey Mouse cartoon featuring Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse. He dresses quickly and makes a mad dash for the dance hall, but what he doesn't realize is that the tickets have dropped out of the envelope Pluto brought to him. The latest for this series features Peter Pan’s Flight, and was expected to debut this Saturday, June 20. Pluto sees the tickets and races to meet Mickey, but he ends up rolling Mickey in a trash can.

Charles Nichols Released He dresses quickly and makes a mad dash for the dance hall, but what he doesn't realize is that the tickets have dropped out of the envelope Pluto brought to him. The popular “Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction” series has caused commotion for fanatics every month of 2020. As soon as Minnie wakens him, she warns Mickey that if he doesn’t arrive in the next few minutes, their relationship is over. October 3, 1947 Pluto tries to bring in the mail, which gets more difficult when a package sprouts legs and tries to go swimming. Walt Disney This trashes his suit, but it works out, because the dance is a "hard times" costume party. Between the wandering turtle and the wind blowing the other mail around, ... See full summary ». Mickey realizes that he left the tickets at home, but Pluto arrives just in time to give them the tickets, making everything turn out alright at the end. Certificate: Passed

Written by (voice) (uncredited). Squatter's Rights

Mickey oversleeps; Minnie calls from the dance he should be at. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 10/10 Bethany Cox. Pluto takes the tickets to Mickey, after his tuxedo has been ruined by water from a passing car, and then Minnie arrives and tells him he has a cute costume for the "hard times" costume party. Preceded by Mickey's Delayed Date is a Mickey Mouse animated short that was released in 1947. View production, box office, & company info.

Mickey reaches in the garbage can to get the black top hat, but Pluto bumps into the garbage can, accidentally knocking the garbage can down the street with Mickey in it and crashes into a street lamp. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? (1947). Rushing to the party, Mickey's top hat flies into a garbage can. Mickey wants some of the cake Minnie has just baked, so he offers to clean up her yard. Pluto gets into trouble with a gopher while caddying for Mickey, and the tunnels they make during the chase wreck the golf course. Oliver Wallace She wipes her face and asks him to take the phone to Mickey.

Mickey Down Under With the help of Pluto, Mickey gets well-dressed in a tuxedo and ready for the date and leaves his house, unaware that he left the tickets for the party. Language Mickey accidentally dropping the tickets. However, when you visit the shopDisney website there is a message that “Minnie will return soon.” Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Summer Delay Donald needs a log for his fire. This FAQ is empty. Animation. Followed by

Mickey's Delayed Date is a Mickey Mouse animated short that was released in 1947. Pluto answers the phone, licking it when he hears Minnie's voice, his drool somehow splattering onto Minnie from the other end.

[2] It was the 120th short in the Mickey Mouse film series to be released, and the only one produced that year.[3]. Minni (nota inizialmente in Italia come Topolina o Minnie, in inglese Minnie Mouse), il cui nome è un diminutivo di Minerva, è un personaggio immaginario dei cartoni animati e dei fumetti, creato da Walt Disney e Ub Iwerks nel 1928, famoso per essere l'eterna fidanzata di Topolino. Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mickey%27s_Delayed_Date&oldid=985741208, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1984 – "Cartoon Classics - Limited Gold Edition: Minnie" (VHS), 2004 – "Mickey and Minnie's Sweetheart Stories" (DVD), 2006 – "Classic Cartoons Favorites: Best Pals - Mickey and Minnie" (DVD), This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 17:57.

The scene where Pluto takes the phone to Mickey, who sleepily tells Pluto not to bother him. Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Limited Gold Editions, https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Mickey%27s_Delayed_Date?oldid=4217095, The animation of Pluto tussling with the top hat is reused from, This is Minnie's last major appearance in a, This short has a lot of similarities with ", This is one of the few times Mickey is seen without his. Minnie Mouse is calling Mickey to remind him about their date, which he has totally forgotten about while sleeping on the couch. The gang gives Mickey a surprise party that turns into a jam session with everyone playing instruments while Goofy has problems baking a cake. When he cuts it down, Chip and Dale fall out, but their ... See full summary ».

Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. The film was directed by Charles Nichols and was animated by Jerry Hathcock, George Kreisl, George Nicholas, Harry Holt, Bob Youngquist, Marvin Woodward, and Max Cox with effects animation by Jack Boyd and Andy Engman. Plus, get a first look at the very regal July merchandise. What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast, Minnie Mouse

With his true identity hidden in armor, lowly squire Cedric (Goofy) takes then place of his master, Sir Loinsteak, in a sidesplitting, sword-shattering joust.

Mickey's Delayed Date is a cartoon produced by Walt Disney Productions, distributed by RKO Radio Pictures and released on October 3, 1947.

This trashes his suit, but it works out, because the dance is a "hard times" costume party. Pluto sees the tickets and races to meet Mickey, but he ends up rolling Mickey in a trash can. Source Minnie Mouse knits a sweater for Pluto. Art Scott Written by Unfortunately, the one he picks is occupied by a couple of chipmunks and their stash of acorns. Mickey's evening started slow and lazy, but things get moving in a hurry when Minnie calls from outside the big dance, wondering why he's late for their date. Directed by RKO Radio Pictures

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