lego iss scale

The ISS set has its origins in the Danish toy maker's Ideas programme, which has furnished enthusiasts with the likes of the mighty Saturn V set over the years. As an absolute display set, I don't know what to think of this one.

Nice review Rex.Definitely an early purchase for me but on quick glance looks like the model bows a bit? Download this asset for straight answers to your top private cloud questions. If you have LEGO news, new images or something else to tell us about, send us a message.

They are approximately 1:130. LEGO Ideas International Space Station 21321 Building Kit, Adult Set for Display, Makes a Great Birthday Present, New 2020 (864 Pieces) 4.9 out of 5 stars 1,073. Four logistics carriers are also situated on the exterior. Looks great! $68.99 $ 68 .

Looks like a cool display model for NASA fans.

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Every bit helps!

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 21321-1: International Space Station [Photo]. Will be a day one purchase for me. Only four studs link this model with its base while the central habitation module is cradled between two 1x3 panels. The Register - Independent news and views for the tech community.

1:110 scale would’ve allowed for more detail, which would be nice.

Everything, including the dozens of solar array parts, is thankfully pre-printed.

21321 International Space Station measures 49cm across and appears accordingly impressive on display, although this model is not accurately scaled beside nanofigures. This model appears similar to the rendition from 21312 Women of NASA, albeit now featuring orbital manoeuvring engines which are represented by black roller skates. Numerous other details are fixed along the truss, including photovoltaic radiators which dissipate excess heat from the station and can rotate. Available beginning Feb. 1 from LEGO Stores and the LEGO website, the ISS will retail for $69.99. Not ideal, but it works!

I still like the set, and it looks good hanging from the ceiling above the Saturn V. Side note: I want 10231 sooo bad.

NASA International Space Station (Saturn V Scale).

ISS is about 1:200.

It is not available for other users to see.

There were only 4 decorations in that set, why did they make them stickers?! Their configuration looks absolutely perfect. The display stand feels absolutely rigid but its connection with the International Space Station could certainly be improved in my opinion. This component is decorated with several windows which is pleasing, although their precise arrangement could be improved. The Lego ISS is about 17in long while the real thing is 356ft long. It looks good, even if rather repetitive. If you are a fan of space exploration, do not forget to support this …

Can imagine it takes a quite a bit of research for a number of sets like this to figure out each detail and judge if LEGO has come close to a realistic model. The space station received 45 percent of votes cast in a competition against three other possible sets. Light bluish grey 2x2 round bricks are employed extensively across this model, beginning with the Columbus, Harmony and Kibo modules.

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forget to support this idea to become a XCLD 358. 3- two Soyuz spacecraft.

@TheMikeAwakens - The solar array supports do sag very slightly, although that becomes more visible in close-up photos than it is when viewed in person. - A series of products or a game is not proposed, - Not based on the theme apollo 11 saturn v. LEGO, the LEGO logo and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. LEGO has announced the release of its model of the International Space Station. Four light bluish grey roller skates form mechanical detail here, alongside a white robotic arm.

I would have preferred the ISS to be larger to be the same scale as the Saturn V. Paperballpark There's an Android app called ISS Live Now, which shows you where in the world it is, as well as a live video feed from it. In the orbit of the earth is being shaped the International Space Station (ISS) and is expected to be completed near the 2008. Additional craft docked to the model include what I reckon is a Progress and Cygnus. This will be the third International Space Station created by LEGO, but only the second version of it to be made available to the public. (We're serious, it all adds up.) There is less scope to "play" with this set following construction, with the sturdy stand indicating it is very much for display. 4D Vision International Space Station with Space Shuttle, 60-Piece, 1/450 Scale. Help your fellow builder by leaving your feedback based on these three criteria: Your feedback is only shown to the creator as well as yourself.

The Saturn V is 1:110 scale, with the Lego Space Shuttle set (10231/10213) being fairly close to scale. Now … Tiny astronauts, big space station... Pic: Richard Speed. Sidenote, but I would absolutely love to see some pics of your Mercury & Gemini with the Saturn V. Just got 10231 and want at least Mercury-Redstone & Gemini-Titan to complete my NASA rockets collection, with Mercury-Atlas being a close 2nd.

Also the Canadarm must be connected to the ISS frame so the Space Shuttle will hold on the ISS. The detail (once one gets over oneself concerning the scale) is impressive. The modules do feel remarkably sturdy though, despite their slender connections, as a long Technic axle runs through almost the entire length of the space station! SO Glad the solar arrays are printed!

It's just two white sphere/globe pieces back to back connected by an internal Technic pin.

Krypton Radio is a production of Krypton Media Group, Inc., and broadcasts from a server leased and operated by Krypton Media Partners of Uxbridge, Ontario, CN. For a very nice scale comparison have a look at this picture. Keep an eye out for the Lego Shuttle set. It's pretty cool! Massive yawn yet again...2020 didnt make a great start Lego-wise in my opinion.... @SinKiller_Nick said:"Beautiful set!

Especially relevant with SpaceX on the verge of sending American astronauts to the ISS!I wonder if we will get a similar Patch giveaway like we did for the Lunar Lander set?

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