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And a combination of factors — from the current political... Los Angeles erupted with joy Sunday night after the Lakers won the 2020 NBA Finals. A 19-year-old high school graduate just getting his start in life. Oct 2020. Official Site of The LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT, 10/27/20 - LAPD Statement Regarding Upcoming Elections NR20271ne, 10/27/20 - Officer-Involved-Shooting in Central Division NRF050-20cr, 10/27/20 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Hollywood Division NRF049-20ma, 10/27/20 - $50,000 Reward Offered on Fatal Hit and Run, 10/26/20 - Felony Hit & Run Traffic Collision NR20270ml, 10/23/20 - Fatal Hit and Run Suspect in Custody, 10/23/20 - Hit & Run Collision in Hollenbeck Division NR20269jc, 10/22/20 - Detectives Return Mobility Scooter to Disabled Citizen NR20267ml, 10/22/20 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Southwest Division NRF048-020ma, 10/22/20 - Los Angeles Police Department to Conduct DUI Checkpoint NR20059jc, 10/22/20 - Attempt Kidnap Suspect Caught on Surveillance Camera NR20268ti, 10/21/20 - LAPD Southwest Area – Food Giveaway NA20058ne, 10/19/20 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Topanga Area NRF047-20ma, 10/19/20 - Murder Suspect Wanted NR20266ml, 10/19/20 - Missing 68-Year-Old Male NR20264dm, 10/17/20 - Los Angeles Police Officers Rescue Two Carjacking Victims NR20265ti, 10/16/20 - Officer-Involved-Shooting in Southeast Division NRF046-20ma, 10/16/20 - Multiple Suspects Arrested Following an Officer-Involved-Shooting NR20263jl, 10/15/20 - Shooting Strikes Two Victims Killing One NR20260ti, 10/15/20 - Response to City Council Vote Regarding Public Safety NR20261jr, 10/15/20 - Robbery Suspect Targeting Pedestrians in West Side of Los Angeles NR20262jl, 10/15/20 - $50,000 Reward Offered on Fatal Hit and Run NA20057ti, 10/14/20 - LAPD Detectives Announce Arrest of Homicide Suspects NA20056ma, 10/14/20 - Daytime Robbery Suspects Captured on Video Surveillance NR20259ll, 10/12/20 - Unlawful Assembly Declared Following Lakers Victory Celebration NR20255dm, 10/12/20 - Missing 14-Year Old Female NR20254ml, 10/09/20 - Fatal Hit and Run in South Los Angeles NR20253wc, 10/08/20 - Daytime Robbery Suspects Captured on Video Surveillance NR20252mp, 10/07/20 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon Hate Crime NR20251mp, 10/06/20 - Detectives Arrest Trump Star Vandal NR20250mp, 10/05/20 - Fatal Hit and Run in Koreatown NR20246wc, 10/02/20 - Fatal Shooting Leaves One Man Dead NR20248ti, 10/02/20 - Van Nuys Assault with Intent to Commit Sex Crime NR20247wc, 10/02/20 - Fatal Hit and Run in Koreatown NR20246wc, 10/01/20 - Uptick in Violent Crime in South Los Angeles NA20055cr, 10/01/20 - Fatal Hit & Run Traffic Collision NR20245mp, 10/01/20 - Drive-By Shooting Leaves 1 Dead NR20244ml, 09/30/20 - LAPD Announces Partnership with Bike Index NR20234ma, 09/30/20 - Community Forum on Police Reform, 09/29/20 - Shooting/Assault with a Deadly Weapon against an Officer NR20241, 09/29/20 - Detectives Request Public’s Help to Locate a Person of Interest in Sexual Assault and Attempt Murder Investigation NR20236jc, 09/29/20 - Missing 21-Year-Old Young Man NR20242ne, 09/29/20 - Chief Moore Addresses the Newest Recruit Class, 09/29/20 - LAPD Statement Regarding Armenia and Azerbaijan Conflict NR20243dm, 09/29/20 - Officer-Involved-Shooting at LAPD Harbor Division NRF042-20cr, 09/25/20 - Shooting at Sports Bar in Marina Del Rey NR20240dm, 09/24/20 - Hit & Run During Protest in Hollywood NR20237jr, 09/21/20 - 23-Year-Old Man Dies After Being Shot in Pacoima NR20233dm, 09/21/20 - $25,000 Reward Offered on Severe Injury Hit and Run NA20052ti, 09/20/20 - Reward Offered on Fatal Hit and Run NA20051ml, 09/16/20 - Los Angeles Police Department to Conduct DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols, 09/16/20 - Community Forum on Police Reform Sep 15, 2020, 09/15/20 - LAPRAAC Assistant Manager Indicted NR20231bm, 09/15/20 - LAFD Use of Force Critical Incident Video - March 20, 2019, 09/13/20 - Arrest of ADW suspect in Woodland Hills NR20228dm, 09/13/20 - Detectives Seek Additional Victims of Sexual Assault Suspect NR20227wc, 09/13/20 - Critical Missing 18-Year-Old Young Man NR20229ne, 09/13/20 - DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA20048wc, 09/10/20 - Attempt Kidnap Suspect Arrested NR20225ma, 09/10/20 - Fatal Shooting in Hollywood NR20226ll, 09/09/20 - Community Forum on Police Reform Sep 10, 2020, 09/08/20 - Arrest of Attempt Kidnap Suspect NA20049ma, 09/08/20 - Fatal Hit & Run Collision NR20230ll, 09/08/20 - Los Angeles Police Department to Conduct DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols, 09/07/20 - Father Sought in the Abduction of 6-year old Son NR20224ne, 09/06/20 - Pedestrian Severely Injured in Hit & Run Collision NR20223jc, 09/06/20 - $50,000 Reward Offered for Unsolved Murder NR20218dm, 09/04/20 - Information Sought on Severe Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR20222jc, 09/03/20 - Recovery of Stolen Art from 1995 NR20220wc, 09/02/20 - Community Forum on Police Reform, 09/02/20 - Paintball Shootings NA20046mc, 09/01/20 - Man Arrested for Assault Against Police Sergeant NR20219wc, 09/01/20 - Heroes Among Us Award Presented to Ruby Maillia NA20045ll, 08/31/20 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Southeast Division NRF039-20ma, 08/31/20 - Critical Missing 71-Year-Old Female NR20216wc, 08/31/20 - DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA20044wc, 08/31/20 - LAPD Van Nuys Community Police Station Vandalized NR20217wc, 08/28/20 - Dispute Results in Fatal Shooting NR20213wc, 08/28/20 - Fatal Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR20215dm, 08/27/20 - Shooting Suspect Captured on Video Surveillance NR20214wc, 08/26/20 - Los Angeles Police Department to Conduct DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols, 08/26/20 - Fatal Shooting in Beverly Crest Neighborhood NR20211wc, 08/25/20 - Safe LA Task Force Significant Crime Arrests at Protests and Demonstrations in May/June NA20043dm, 08/24/20 - Hit and Run Leaves Victim Seriously Injured NR20210ll, 08/23/20 - President Trump Supporters and Counter-Protesters Clash in Tujunga NR20209jl, 08/21/20 - Severe Felony Hit and Run NR20208wc, 08/21/20 - Los Angeles Police Department to Conduct DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols, 08/19/20 - Critical Missing 10-Year-Old Male and 8-Year-Old Male NR20207jl, 08/19/20 - Critical Missing 13-Year-Old Female NR20206ll, 08/18/20 - Robbery – Hate Crime Suspect Wanted NR20205ml, 08/18/20 - Missing 42-Year-Old Female NR20204dm, 08/18/20 - Use of Force Incident in Hollenbeck Division NRF016-20jc, 08/18/20 - Critical Missing 64-Year-Old Female NR20203wc, 08/17/20 - $150,000 in Rewards Offered on Three Unsolved Pacoima Murders NA20041dm, 08/17/20 - Announce $50,000 Reward for Information on a Murder NR20199jc, 08/16/20 - Suspects Arrested for Vandalizing George Washington Statue in Grand Park NR20201jl, 08/16/20 - Critical Missing 94-Year-Old Male NR20200 jl, 08/14/20 - Mission Division In-Custody Death NRF035-20ne, 08/13/20 - Los Angeles Police Department to Conduct DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols, 08/13/20 - Fatal Hit and Run in Newton Area NR20198wc, 08/12/20 - Mother Arrested for Death of Four-Year-Old Daughter NR20197ma, 08/12/20 - “Swatting” Call at Residence in Wilshire Division NR20195ma, 08/12/20 - Critical Missing 76-Year-Old Male NR20196jl, 08/12/20 - Officer-Involved-Shooting in West Valley Division NRF034-20ma, 08/12/20 - Stolen Puppy: Detectives Seek the Public’s Help NR20194jc, 08/12/20 - Felony Battery Suspect Sought NR20193ml, 08/11/20 - DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA20040dm, 08/10/20 - Missing7-Year-Old Female NR20192jc, 08/10/20 - Critical Missing 82-Year-Old Male NR20191dm, 08/10/20 - Severe Injury Hit and Run Traffic Collision in Northeast Area NR20190wc, 08/07/20 - Shooting Leaves One Dead NR20188wc, 08/07/20 - Shooting Leaves Teenager Dead NR20189ml, 08/07/20 - Officer-Involved-Shooting in Hollywood Division NRF033-20cr, 08/06/20 - Funeral for Police Officer Valentin Martinez NA20038ma, 08/06/20 - SAFE L.A.

What is, however, is who pulled the trigger. All Rights Reserved.

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