la noire outfit mods

Reggie’s – across from Cali Insurance (interior)

Railway Diner – Maplewood and Normande (interior) Bank of Arcadia #2 – 3rd and Main (interior)

I would love to see a script or something that will allow us to use guns whenever we want and to open door to interiors.

This outfit is unlocked by finding all eight of the Novels. Bus Depot – Los Angeles and 6th (interior) You should now be able to login within LA Noire. Curtis’ Apartment – North end of Mariposa, 2nd house on right (interior) Bonus outfits. Golden Boy I wish I knew how to start.

Dewey’s Car Sales – Wilshire and Figueroa (interior)

Is there another trick to it or am I missing something?

Joes Diner – Sunset and Bronson (interior) Medical Clinic – Oakwood and Vermont (interior) If you dodge 20 punches in a row without one landing, you will unlock this outfit. Superior Laundry – At the merger of 1st and 2nd, bottom right triangle (interior)

Hotel El Mar – on Vine, 2 blocks south of Sunset (interior) Keystone Film – Hawthorne and Hollywood (interior) Gas – 11th and Hill (interior) 2 years ago. Engine #32 – Melrose and Vermont (interior)

Anyone have … Apartments – 3 blocks north of Broadway, at the east end (interior) Outfits in LA Noire can be bought at various points throughout the story. Bob’s Hardware – Sunset and Wilton (interior) This outfit is unlocked by completing all of the Vice Desk cases without the suspects finding you on their tail.

Foundry next to Mini-Golf – Climb building pipe next to it (interior)

This LA Noire Outfits Unlock guide will tell you how to acquire each and every possible outfit for Cole in the game. Gas – across from Southern Fried (interior) This outfit is automatically unlocked at Rank 18 and boosts damage resistance when wearing it.

Building - Sunset and Seaward (interior) Hawkshaw

Only registered members can share their thoughts. Bank of America – 7th and Olive (interior) L.A. Noire for Windows is known to freeze at the title screen during the synchronization process, or immediately after, when the camera moves away from the L.A. Noire neon sign. Un-built building – across from Goldberg’s (interior) Mcombo Club – Hollywood and Sycamore (interior) This suit gives all weapons extra ammunition. I figured I would share this information because Rockstar really did not provide ANY clues as to how to unlock these, and many of them are pretty obscure.

Damn... Do you know of any games that would be able to be modded to play like L.A. Noire? Unlocked by dodging twenty punches without ever being hit. – Hollywood Blvd and Highland (interior) Bank of Arcadia – El Centro and Santa Monica (interior) This suit can be unlocked after completing the Badge Pursuit challenge.

Here is a list of all the interiors someone found.

Joes Diner – Santa Monica and Wilton (interior) I noticed while playing the L.A. Noire remaster that there is really no indication of what the new detective suits were, or how to get them, so I figured I would share that information. Central Morgue – At east end of Broadway tunnel (interior), La Brae Tar Pits – Off San Marino

Boo Bro’s – Hill and 6th (interior) It gets rid of reloading animations for handguns, shotguns, and Tommy Guns. Bought and Sold – Santa Monica and Bronson (interior) I want to know too.

Film Studio – Sunset and Bronson The Sharpshooter NOTE: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO (to my knowledge) transfer an offline save online Issues fixed Freezing Title Screen .

The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Hall of Records – Broadway and 1st (interior) Open Door Church – Behind library (interior) I guess is at that military base in that Arson desk case. Jack Kelso’s Apartment – El Centro and De Longpre (interior) California Insurance – 5th and Vermont (interior)

Joes Diner – Sunset and Cahuenga Blvd (interior)

Dr. Fountaine’s House – Reno and 3rd (interior) It's the last one I need after I get the other 3 novels and information on these suits is sparse elsewhere and in some cases, misleading. Examiner Drugstore – Sunset and Ivar (interior) List of all new Outfits in the Remastered Edition (and how to unlock them) Hello everyone, this is my first post on Reddit, so that's exciting! Nuclear Bug – 3rd and Westmoreland (interior)

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding outfit: Button Man: Successfully complete the Badge Pursuit Challenge by collecting all 20 hidden shields. Another great suit!

Gulliver’s Travels – Santa Monica, off of Western (interior)

Reggie’s – Westlake and Wilshire (interior) Southern Fried – Across the street from NBC, behind the buildings (interior)

This one has already been found by other users.

I was holding the block button, rather than dodging every attack. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, This is the subreddit for fans of the video game L.A. Noire made by Rockstar Games, Press J to jump to the feed. Chicago Lightning suit

There appear to be 14 total suits in the game now, up from 9 in the original game (including DLC), and the now-usable 'Patrol' uniform.

I would love to see a script or something that will allow us to use guns whenever we want and to open door to interiors. Do you know where you can find the military curse?

Button Man Appears to be modeled after the suit worn by Frank Nitti in the Untouchables film. Reggie’s – Fountain and Gower (interior) It can be accessed by only the members of the Rockstar Social Club. Apartments – Ivar and Yucca (interior) There are several possible reasons for this. Thanks for this!

What are the capabilities of the extractor? Reggie’s – 6th and Witmer (interior) You might drop your hat if you get shot in the head. One post is in XeNTax and apprently they have been already extracting the ps3 files and one is in gtaforums. This suit is available once Phelps joins LAPD as a beat cop.

Army Surplus – 9th and Hope (interior) Meanwhile do check our other L.A. Noire Guides: Newspapers Locations, Gold Film Reel Locations, Landmarks Locations, L.A. Noire Weapons and L.A. Noire Vehicles. LA Noire Outfits Unlock.

Sword of Justice

The Untouchable

American Legion Stadium – Cower and Selma (interior) This suit does not show blood stains, and prevents you from taking damage when punched. Parnell’s Soup Company – Vine and Fountain (interior) So come on! Just Picked Fruit - Bottom triangle of Los Angeles and Alameda (interior) Western Union – 2nd and Hill (interior) EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. /u/antoniofarios Here we go, we can stop trying to see if it was from the film reels! The Outsider

Lets get going with modding this game!!

Auto Club – El Centro and Santa Monica (interior). 7th Street Aqueduct – (interior)

Removes the need to reload handguns/shotguns. This outfit is available once you are promoted to the Traffic Desk. Los Angeles Speedway – On Mariposa, Between Rosewood and Melrose 1st congressional Church – Hoover and 6th Where is this army obstacle course?

Southern Fried – Alameda and 2nd (interior) Hartfields – Broadway and 6th (interior)

Being the managing editor, Ali manages a lot of the editorial duties as well as publishing stories for you. Rapid Bug – Vermont and Beverly (interior) The Murphy: black suit pants, and a recolored 'Sunset Strip' jacket, with a white/gray pinstripe body, black shoulders, black tie and white fedora. Delgato House – At the east end of Hill, right side (interior)

Southern Fried – Maplewood and Western (interior) L.A. Noire PC Mods (Forums: Suggestions: L.A. Noire PC Mods) Locked: Thread Options dizney23.

This is the outfit you wear during The Quarter Moon Murders when you are at the Westlake Tar Pits. This outfit is available as a pre-order bonus from and

This outfit is automatically unlocked when you reach Rank 5 and get promoted to the Homicide division. This outfit is unlocked if you are able to finish the Obstacle Course at the Army Base in less than 3 minutes. Reggie’s – Beverly and Kinsley (interior) Reggie’s – Beverly and New Hampshire (interior) Southern Fried – 7th and Parkview (interior)

Bus Depot – Maple and 6th (interior)

This outfit is automatically unlocked at Rank 13 when Cole gets transferred to the Arson desk. Southern Fried – across from Engine #32 (interior)

Miniature Golf – Between Santa Monica and Romaine I'd appreciate your feedback and help at any rate, thanks. Beat Cop Uniform This suit is available once Phelps joins LAPD as a beat cop. Aleve Motel – Fountain; between El Centro and Gower (interior)

i'm certain rockstar wouldn't throw us a bone. Hollywood Police – De Longpre and Wilcox (interior)

Hollywood Post Office – Wilcox and Selma (interior)

Hello everyone, this is my first post on Reddit, so that's exciting! I've tried it a couple of times, only blocking and not punching at all until they swing 20 times but no matter how I do it, it won't unlock. Insta-heat Factory – Beverly and Harvard (interior) XD. It is the only outfit without a tie.

It ensures that you don’t take damage from fistfights or show bloodstains.

What else? I'm assuming you could just exit out of the game right when they start to spot you and then load back in from your last save. AO Travel – Behind Joes (interior) Cavagna’s Bar – Off Alameda, 4 blocks south near Union Station (interior) Sunset Strip

The Palladium – Across from CBS This boosts the accuracy of guns like Thompson, Shotgun or the BAR. Mench’s Bar – Merger of Main and Spring (interior) A little confused.

It boosts your melee capabilities and makes you more resilient against damage. Hobo Camp – at the end of Grand (interior) It doesn't seem to save if you're spotted so I assume the latter method works, but I'd really love actual confirmation from someone who has done either and earned the suit. Has the added effect of making it harder to get caught while tailing suspects. Southern Fried – on 6th, 3 streets south of Union (interior) It is part of the Complete Edition and Remastered versions of the game.

Leland Monroe’s office – one block east of Melrose and Western (interior) Football field/School – Orange and Hawthorne

The Murphy Hope this helps, and good luck to everyone on their path to unlocking these! The Incognito: the black suit with white tie seen in the remaster trailers.

Bus Station – Union and Beverly (interior)

Oh, thank god! Golden Boy This outfit is available once you are promoted to the Traffic Desk.

Crashed Apartments – On Vermont, next to acme books, between 1st and Council (interior) This outfit is available once you complete the Patrol cases. Pantages Theatre – Hollywood and Argyle All that is needed is the extractor that was written for the Xbox360 to be adapted for the PC Files.

Rawlings Bowling Alley – Grand and Olympic (interior) It appears they can extract textures and subtitle files. Haven't unlocked the last one yet but you can catch a glimpse of it in some of the trailers. Southern Fried – De longpre and El Centro (interior)

If you get spotted, do you have to restart that respective case, or is it possible to just quit to the menu and then resume the case from there?

Some of these outfits also impart special features to the character. CBS – Sunset and El Centro Nov 9 2011 Anchor: Just wondering if anyone is working on making mods for this game. Join the community today (totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right) and join in the conversation.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Polar Bear Ice – Hawthorne and Labrea (interior) The Incognito

You also get a outfit for visiting the social club in game from the main menu! Can I get info on Incognito please? Reggie’s – Orange and Lanewood (interior)

Kinda sucks you have to beat the Vice desk for the one, was hoping to use it in some upcoming cases.

I don't really understand what they've accomplished.

Creepy House – 2nd J at the east end of Figueroa (interior)

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