is tam o'shaughnessy still alive

O'Shaughnessy castles include Gort Castle, Fiddaun Castle, Ardamullivan Castle, Newtown Castle, Derryowen, which is just inside the County Clare border, Ballymulfaig, and a castle on one of the islands in Lough Cutra. And this program has been going for 19 years now and it's still going. Astronaut Sally Ride (left) is pictured with partner Tam O'Shaughnessy and their dog Gypsy in this photo from 1985. Isaac Asimov wrote great children's science books. But it's kind of funny—when Sally died, it was such a horrid loss, that I found myself missing playing tennis, and like a week after she died, I walked to UCSD [University of California, San Diego]—which is just a couple miles from our home—and I hit tennis balls against the wall. And in my community here, La Jolla, Calif., is very white, very conservative in a way, except—well, I shouldn't say conservative, because the university's here—it's all sorts of things. The last de facto Ó Seachnasaigh lord of Kinelea died at Gort after returning home from the Battle of Aughrim on 12 July 1691. SHOWBIZ Viola Davis, Tyler Posey, Elton John, Tegan and Sara 2020-10-26, MOVIES Ruby Rose talks new film 'The Doorman,' LGBTQ actors 2020-10-18, LGBT HISTORY: Surviving the Silence, The Unexpected Story of Col. Pat Thompson 2020-10-17, Jeannie Tanner releases inspirational song, art-inclusive video And so she didn't understand why kids didn't really like science, why they weren't good at it, why the scores were horrid. But they have. WCT: Well, that's what it's all about. So, you know, Sally and I met at some time and some place in Southern California, and basically stayed friends the rest of our lives. And she also knew that she really felt like her life got made because she majored in science and physics. They weren't accurate. She was an outstanding tennis player—she had just recently married Larry. And her mother is very progressive. The town of Gort, Ireland, was the main residence of the family since at least the time of their ancestor, King Guaire Aidne mac Colmáin. And, of course, we'd talk about Sally Ride Science and the new books or whatever, all that fake stuff. It taught us, and it taught Sally, to not take celebrity too strongly. And she'd see that same … just that teachers and kids, parents, CEOs … the light would go off in their eyeballs when she'd talk about looking back at earth from space and floating weightless and floating grapes into the mouths of the other astronauts, and all these fun stories. Except for—there's always a few good examples. Tam O'Shaughnessy: That kind of grew out of that same interest that both of us had, which was we loved to go to bookstores, and we'd look at the science section, but also science fiction, biographies, nutrition, whatever, we just loved book stores. Tam O'Shaughnessy: Oh, absolutely. Tam O'Shaughnessy: Good questions. Ó Seachnasaigh, O'Shaughnessy, collectively Uí Sheachnasaigh, clan name Cinél nAedha na hEchtghe, is a family surname of Irish origin. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. What follows is an interview with O'Shaughnessy conducted via phone with Windy City Times. But the thing I noticed—ever since I made the decision to be open about Sally and I—the response has been nothing but positive. since 1985. And she'd always talk about seeing that sparkle in their eye when she talked about being in space—and the first man on the moon, and she was getting ready to go up there, and just what it might be like. But it took us a while because the company was just so absorbing. And at that time in Southern California in the 1960s, Southern California was just a hotbed for tennis—Billie Jean King was emerging, Pancho Gonzales, Maria Bueno played. A former biology teacher, she has guided the creation of over 75 science and STEM career books for young readers, as well as written 13 books for children, six of which she coauthored with Sally Ride. And then it's just like it all came together—in 2001 is when we started the company with a few friends. She convinced NASA to put a camera to fly aboard the space shuttle and then later the International Space Station. For other versions, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, The Descendants of the Last Earls of Desmond, The Genealogies, Tribes, and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 May 2020, at 14:49. Vandersloot named to All-WNBA First Team And so I'd go … and Sally would never introduce me as, "This is my partner," "This is my mate" … she would say, "This is Tam," "Here's Tam." 3. We've got to help kids at a very young age stay excited about science and really want to do the work to understand science concepts. And Sally might invite me—she was having dinner with a friend or a colleague and, "Come on, Tam, you come." 4. And Sally realized she could use space as a way to motivate and inspire teachers and kids and science. And that also is a testament to Sally, because her vision for the company was to really make the company independent of her. While their lives took different paths, they stayed in contact over the years. And I'm more a person that … I'll give you an example: we were always with each other doing things with our friends and acquaintances and colleagues and so on. And I also think the gay movement the last five years has just skyrocketed—I mean it's just changing so quickly now. But Sally never hid it from them—you know, I went everywhere with Sally, and she went everywhere with me … in our different careers and with our friends, and for family holidays. 1,006+ LGBTQs running 2020-10-08, Affinity celebrating 25 years virtually Oct. 9-11 2020-10-06, Jessica Halem to open Transforming Care Conference 2020-10-05, Nominations open for Chicago Red Stars' #SHEINSPIRESME Award Anyway, my mom calls her and says, "You wanna play in my little tournament? I actually played a few years of professional tennis, so I was on very early Women's Tennis Assocation, Virginia Slims Circuit. How did that work? Tam O’Shaugnessy, Contributor. "Sally was an interesting blend of a person who wanted to do big things and, in a way, wanted to be famous, but only because that meant she did big, important things," O'Shaughnessy said. We should've been open quite a few years ago. Sally never verbally, openly told her mother, her father, or her sister, Bear, that she was gay and that we were a couple. Were they accepting of your relationship with Sally? O'Shaughnessy accepts Sally Ride's Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama. Their name derives from Seachnasach mac Donnchadh, a 10th-century member of the Uí Fiachrach Aidhne, which the Ó Seachnasaigh were the senior clan of. And she kind of couldn't talk about it—I think she was shocked. NASA photo, 2. Up until the mid-17th century, the O'Hynes clan were still styled lords of Uí Fhiachrach Aidhne even though the Ó Seachnasaighs had become more powerful than their kinsmen during this century. It comes and goes, so make sure that what you care about, what you believe in, and who you are, are solid things. In her obituary on July 23, 2012, it was written: "Dr. Ride is survived by her partner of 27 years, Tam O'Shaughnessy; her mother, Joyce; and her sister, Ms. Scott, who is known as Bear.". I met her when I was I think 13. From Seth Borenstein and Alicia Chang at the Associated Press: LOS ANGELES — Space used to be a man's world. 2020-10-17, Women's pro soccer draft Nov. 12 2020-10-15, WGN-TV features the life and times of Windy City Times 2020-10-11, Red Stars add new player, lose finale and are part of national camp And that really helped. And it taught her to think for herself, be able to critically evaluate things about her community, about her own health, whatever. And she also … I think because she grew up playing tennis—tennis actually turned out to be a wonderful way to grow up, because it taught—and I talked to my other friends about this too—it taught all of us really important life lessons.

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