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One character who has appeared in more entries than most is Impa, a member of the mysterious Sheikah tribe and a fierce defender of the Princess. First appearing in 1983 arcade game Mario Brothers, Luigi has since starred in his own franchise Luigi’s Mansion. It also helps breathe life into the Zelda series' iconic characters. While the great sword lets her use water attacks, such as raining throwing knives down on enemies, the naginata lets her set foes aflame with giant walls of fire. Masks are items of power, and of destruction. It was the … Tatl (Majora’s Mask) We’re going to be honest here. In the future, Adult Link finds out that Impa has ventured into the Shadow Temple to defend Kakariko Village from an evil creature. Hylia. Where Mario ventures, his brother Luigi is often there to provide a welcome, albeit less popular, alternative. Masks can serve to protect from harm or hide an identity, but in the video game world they can do so much more. (This is really what happens.) Special mention should also go to Billy and Jimmy from Double Dragon, Megaman from Megaman and pilot Fox McCloud from the Star Fox series. When defeated, this Dark Souls boss grants the player one of its valuable masks that can upgrade various features like health and stamina. Meta Knight has grown to be known as an honorable & capable swordsman and a huge asset to the Kirby series, and he's managed to do it all under a faceless mask. In recent years classic video game collecting has exploded as old-school gamers buy back their old toys instead of garbage like a house or health insurance. Her expertise with a great sword and the naginata gives players two fighting styles to choose from. Reflecting Nintendo’s ability to create beloved, enduring characters like no other franchise, these are some of Nintendo’s most iconic mascots. Ross has spent the last ten years working in theater and traveling the country with his wife and dog. Related: Biggest Dark Souls Improvements Demon's Souls NEEDS To Include. A Necromancer of sorts, Pinwheel is controlled by three masks - The Masks of the Father, Mother, and Child. In the billion dollar mobile gaming industry, there is still one game that surpasses them all. Source: Nintendo. IGN ranked him number 13 on its list of the Top 20 Weirdest Zelda Characters. Is Kirby Getting Another Main Entry On Nintendo Switch? Source: Nintendo. Meta Knight first appeared in Kirby's Adventure in 1993, and since then has managed to find a spot of great respect in the Super Smash Brothers franchise as well. Impa is one of the princess's most loyal allies throughout The Legend of Zelda series, with appearances rivaling even Link and Zelda's. Source: Nintendo. Of course you haven’t! While there are several different Skull Kids littered about the franchise, the most famous and dangerous of them all is the one wearing the mask. She is a descendant of one of the Seven Sages seen in the SNES title, transformed into a painting by Yuga, and therefore not seen for the majority of the game. Iconic Nintendo adventure series The Legend of Zelda has birthed a handful of iconic gaming characters. It’s Attack of the Toys season on SBS – let’s play! There are several masked characters within the series, including fan favorites like Bloodhound and Octane, but when it comes to whose mask is the most defining, it has to be Caustic. With a library of over 600 games the task is immense, but remarkably for a console dating back to the early 80s, many of the games’ characters still appear in games released today. Yoshi with one of his infamous eggs. A tribute to the greatest mobile game of all time – 'Snake'. Related: The Legend of Zelda: What Are Breath of the Wild's Koroks? At its surface, the documentary is an entertaining challenge to hunt down games, but it’s also the subtle story of overcoming personal adversity and the ongoing friendship between the film’s director and star. Intended as a one-off, this hilarious combination of two popular game shows proved to be greater than the sum of its parts. Ever wanted to play 'The Golden Girls' themed Monopoly game? Through some time-hopping plot points, Impa watches over her as she enters a deep, magical sleep to hold the seal on Ghirahim's demonic master. No one really knows what is underneath the masks, but also maybe that's a question no one wants to know the answer to. In most games, Impa acts as a bodyguard to the princess and an advisor to Link. She believes Zelda's prophetic dreams about Ganondorf when Zelda's own father doesn't. As a team, they may have the ability to change the world. Sep 29, 2015 - tags | dA | personal blog | Welcome to my doodle blog ٩(๑ ᴗ ๑)۶ ♥ All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Hylia, the goddess of light who was reborn as the first incarnation of Zelda, became the ancestor of the Hyrule Royal Family and was the namesake of the Hylians. While originally Needles seemed to wear clown make up and green hair, he is more commonly seen now with a flaming head of fire and a leather strapped clown mask, adding volumes to his already frightful visage. Needles Kane is the sadistic clown that drives Sweet Tooth, his modded up ice cream truck, and he has been the video game mascot of Twisted Metal since its release by Sony in 1995. (For an added bonus, type “Do a barrel roll” into Google and enjoy all the fun of momentarily thinking your computer is broken. Creating A Champion, a celebratory book of Breath of the Wild, states that Impa was a royal advisor who focused on relic research along with fellow Shiekah scientists Purah and Robbie. Impa goes above and beyond the physicality of defending Zelda. Arguably one of the easiest bosses in Dark Souls, Pinwheel is still a chilling foe. Krieg is the psycho players love to love. Her inclusion sets up both stories, but the character has come a long way since then. Nowadays the suggestion a woman could blow up aliens just as well as a man would be correctly accepted, but in 1986 it was considered a righteous step towards equality. Meta Knight, while recognized immediately by his silver mask, has been seen bare faced on occasion, and to the surprise of players everywhere, he looks nearly identical to Kirby himself (save for some differing colors). Some live and die by the mask, but these ten video game characters just wouldn't be the icons players have grown to love if they took them off.

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