gwent meta august 2020

You can apply a lot of pressure with Intimidate engines and Whoreson Senior, ideally forcing a short Round 3. Though it’s not among the most popular online collectible card games, it’s certainly up there in quality.

Several leaders (Second Wind, Pincer Maneuver, Death’s Shadow, Call of Harmony, Mystic Echo, Tactical Decision, Wild Card) that allow players to play two cards in one turn are on the chopping block, so say your farewells this week. As the game continues to get updated, the meta tends to shift by degrees as cards get introduced, nerfed, buffed, or what-have-you. Gwent Meta Report #17 August 30, 2020 wusubi — No Comments . However, due to SK losing a lot of power, Viraxas is looking quite hot in this season.

Welcome to our 17th meta report!

This variation utilizes Ulrich and Fallen Knight, however the Portal version is also solid. Battle against the season’s top players for a spot in GWENT Open. Added videos for Ethereal Fruits, Spies Ball, Schirru, Passiflora, and NR Devotion. More news. Due to An Craite Longships, winning Round 1 is usually a piece of cake. Thanks to the inclusion of soldiers like Tortoise and Magne Division, the deck doesn’t run into too many issues with proactivity.

Last update before the 7.1 patch comes out tomorrow.
You can get a sneak peak of the work over here for the average tier and rank along with deck lists.

Please make sure you join the Gwent. Fergus applying the Spying status will proc Thirsty Dame and Impera Enforcers, - Vulnerable to Bomb Heaver and Korathi Heatwave, - Can struggle with proactivity, weak to being bled in Round 2, especially if you miss some of your crucial cards, In this iteration of Double Ball, NG sacrifices the ability to double-proc the Scenario with Tactical Decision for a better short Round 3 with Affan and Imperial Formation. You can check the Developer Patch Overview for 7.1 below and the patch notes here. This is not meant to be a scientific or definitive determination of what is the best deck- just a view of what a couple different voices in the community have to say.The data comes from the four available meta reports from TLG, the Chinese community, Team Nova, and Team Elder Blood.

Cards like Oneiromancy and Bomb Heaver are more common and can single-handedly shut down Masquerade Ball.

Consultants: Gravesh, Green-Knight, Pajabol, Saber97, Specimen, Qnerr, Uprising decks certainly took a huge hit with the nerf to Vissegerd. … You can always catch up with one of your gold cards, which makes this deck excellent at abusing Red coin. Competitive Gwent players refer to the "meta" a lot.

After multiple nerfs to SK, the meta feels truly balanced, perhaps for the first time since Iron Judgment. Would love your thoughts, please comment. -Wusubi, - Ulrich and Whoreson Senior put multiple engines on the board in just one turn, - The deck includes some engines and a lot of removal, while also having potent finishers in Jacques and Gord, - Fairly draw dependent despite having Oneiromancy and Ferko, - SK and NG can shut down your engines with ease, which makes the matchup against these factions rather underwhelming, Nothing has changed for Deadeye Ambush.

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