global affairs course

Senior Capstone Project. During the senior year, each major completes a capstone course in which a group of eight to ten students addresses a specific policy issue and presents its findings and recommendations to a real-world organization.

Students will be introduced to mixed-methods research in the social sciences, focusing on five primary techniques: Survey methodology, quantitative data analysis, participant observation, in-depth interviewing, and textual analysis. Contact Global Affairs Program one semester before planned enrollment.May be repeated within the term. Presents historical and current information on consequences of trade and protectionism. College of Humanities and Social Sciences. International Security: This course focuses on the use of armed forces to resolve international security/conflict situations, and the threats and risks involved for the countries involved in such conflicts, the military personnel on the ground, and civilians caught in the crossfire.

To earn a minor in a Yale-NUS major, a student must complete 25 MC or 5 courses. Up to two of these five courses can be cross-registered courses. Students will examining factors at the state and sub-national level the influence poverty alleviation. All Jackson courses are listed in the full Yale University course catalog (search for “Global Affairs”). Study abroad under supervision of Mason faculty. Global Affairs majors who plan to study abroad should consult the director of student affairs, Lily Sutton, to devise a course of study prior to the term abroad.

Considers historical development of globalization and implications for different societies and cultures. The Jackson Institute Career Services Office can help students find appropriate internships. Otherwise, we will assume you’re OK to continue.

1010 Jenkins Nanovic Halls Students apply to the Global Affairs major during the fall term of the sophomore year. Students in this interdisciplinary major develop expertise in contemporary global affairs that is strongly grounded in the social sciences. All rights reserved. Small groups of students are each assigned to a policy task force in which they apply their academic training in the social sciences to a specific problem relevant to global affairs.

Assessment: Class Participation/Reading Summaries; Class Debate; Infographic Assignment; Map quiz; Final Exam. Through their advanced electives, students in the GA major can start to focus on a particular area of interest e.g. Global Affairs majors are required to take a course designated L5 in a modern language other than English. The Master of Global Affairs (MGA) is a two-year professional program, consisting of four sessions of coursework and a compulsory summer internship.The purpose of this program is to provide an outstanding professional, multidisciplinary education to train the next generation of global leaders of international institutions, global civil society, … A particular emphasis will be given to understanding different diplomatic strategies, and the role of both states and non-state actors in diplomacy. You will learn to view issues from multiple perspectives and to work across disciplines alongside colleagues from across the world. This two-module core course in global affairs explores the potential for the existing system of global governance to adapt and respond more effectively to global challenges. Covers conflict at macro level, introducing theories of international and global violence and conflict, drawing from disciplines of international relations, political science, intercultural communication, and conflict resolution.

As a global affairs major, you will study with international experts and learn about global politics, economics, culture, and international development. The international field experience may be an appropriate course of study, internship or other experience as approved by the student’s academic advisor and the Global Education Office. Advances in science and technology offer new opportunities to address systemic risks while also revealing major gaps in international law and ethics. Introductory courses in microeconomics (, , and other social science departments; and. All students engage with global policy guests and participate in specialized career development coursework that extends over the full two-year arch of the program. Global Affairs minors cannot gain credit for language study. See the Schedule for the most up-to-date information and see Patriot web to register for classes.

Keough School of Global Affairs Copyright ©2020 Yale University All rights reserved Contact Us. In the second half of the course (Module 3) we provide a complementary focus upon the broader macro-trends in global affairs, bringing together the study of International Relations with the study of global history and public policy.

The most up-to-date list of our courses can be found at Yale’s Online Course Information site. and GLBL 122. During the senior year, each major completes a capstone course in which a group of eight to ten students addresses a specific policy issue and presents its findings and recommendations to a real-world organization. Human Rights: What are human rights? From …, This afternoon, Jackson undergrads filled every seat in Horchow Hall's GM Room for the unveiling of the senior capstone project clients for Fall 2018. Over the course of the semester, students will focus on different manifestations of globalisation in consumption and production patterns, transnational labour markets, international migration, inequality, crime, religion, and social movements.

A Global Affairs concentration is composed of 12.0 credits from at least two different departments that cannot be simultaneously used to fulfill any general education or college requirement for the bachelor’s degree or applied to any other major, minor, concentration, or certificate. All Rights Reserved, +65 6601 2416 (Admissions-related queries).

Student chooses at least TWO out of the SIX core courses: 3 electives – at the 2000 or 3000-level. Uses class discussions, case studies, and final paper to develop analytical skills to help in analysis of conflict. I was unsure what I wanted to study and didn’t know how I was going …, I came to Yale in the fall of 2016 with a passion for change, and was met with a community who had exceeded that passion.

You will develop critical skills needed to build your career while pursuing your choice of concentration and elective courses within global affairs. Environmental Policy Making in Developing Countries, Honors Research Project in Global Affairs.

Foundational courses present an integrative understanding of global affairs and provide you with a breadth of knowledge on different approaches and topics.

On my first day of classes at Yale, I called my mom and told her that I was wanted to double or triple major.

Katherine Morton, Boeing Company Chair in International Relations, Schwarzman College; Professor of China’s International Relations, University of Sheffield, Meng Ke, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University. Students will learn about the networks and pathways of globalisation. Limited to three attempts. The Master of Global Affairs offers a two-year curriculum that connects theory, practice, and policy through a combination of engaging coursework and immersive practical experiences. With direction from faculty advisers and concentration directors, you will choose elective courses that help you craft an academic experience tailored to your unique career goals. The Head of Study must approve exceptions in writing. Global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic reinforce the political imperative to strengthen international cooperation on a global scale. Where do you want to make an impact?

Includes political systems, politics, participation in politics, government structures, policy-making process, and evaluation of political performance.

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