freddy pharkas walkthrough

Use the pestle to grind the mixture. And now off to the solution!
B     =BRIDGE PLAY the arcade sequence. Use the mould on the crucible, then take the ear. (He'll give you Bullets and a Cleaning Kit). Go back out front and give bottle to Penelope. Get the graduated cylinder and put it on the table. Walk behind your pharmacy to outhouse. CLIMB the Rope and MOVE to the hatch. Use Put can of laughing gas on the balcony. Put the coal in the tin can. (862) Go to back of store and make preparation: Combine 25 ml Bismuth Subsalicylate with 5 ml Orphenamethihydride             O                       Finally, Smithie will enter and ask for some preparation G. You already picked this up earlier, so just give it to him. stir with glass rod. the Rope in your inventory to make a Lasso. Get an empty bottle and use it on the pill machine 7 times. --------------------------                       floor, then on ropes.

SB    =BLACKSMITH & BANK About this UHS File Act 1: The Prescriptions Act 2: Save the Town! Clean guns and load it. GO to the Pharmacy, into the back room and upstairs. ****************************************************************************** See you at another Sierra Adventure  !! GO to the anthill and take the Ladder. Try to read it, then use the whiskey glass on it, and you can make out the word testosterate. Heat over flame. Head out through the back door. Now head south to reach the church. Use this walkthrough for Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist and wonder no more! Take the ice pick from the barrel, and the elixir from the broken caravan. O     =MADAME OVAREE'S PLACE                   FREDDY PHARKAS Take the letter and read it. Go to sheriff's and give him pie and coffee. Walk right until you arrive at the school, get ladder. Walk right to mercantile store and get paper bag on counter. Home | Sierra Game Help Go out front, give to Mom. Go back to bridge and get ladder. |    |      | Go upstairs, change outfits.

tetrazole, put 40 ml in cylinder, get bottle, put cylinder contents in bottle, put cork on bottle, get bottle. (772) GO SOUTH to the Church, OPEN the Church door, TAKE some Wax from the candles. counter. Put the ladder on the side of the water tower and walk up.

Enter Mom's Café, get can of beans, exit. GO to the Watertower and use the Ladder on the base of it. FRONTIER PHARMACIST Give the barber the French postcards and the claim ticket, and he will give you your boots and some laughing gas.                                        

When you are finished, go to Chester Field's and try to give the lump of wax to Willy. Pour from the cylinder into the bottle, then put a cork in the bottle. Enter, look at poker game. Take a glass rod and stir the mixture, then pour from the beaker into the pill machine on the left. GO to Bank and SHOW the Deposit Key to the Banker.

Go to back of store. CLICK the Ear on the floor.                       Bag on the horse's ass, till you've got his gas. After Mom gives you her prescription, go to back room. TAKE some Go to pharmacy. TALK to the Sheriff and the other guy. Go back Knife. Go downstairs. Shoot Kenny, get scarf, use it on ear. Pick up a few snails, then use the beer bottles on them to divert them away from town. mask on Freddy.

All rights reserved. EXIT the saloon through the back door. SHOOT at the canister in Click the Sharp Ear on the rope. You'll hit his gun, but he'll hit your ear, but you'll survive. Now head north to Main Street to meet the Lever brothers. CLICK the hand icon on the Silver Filled Mold and Collect the Bicarbonate Soda from outside, then go in, and straight back to the lab. Get down the cylinder, test tube and a medicine bottle, then light the flame with a match. ENTER the GO outside. Now put 45mL of water in the cylinder and 5g of Magnesium Sulfate on the scales, and add the water, then the powder to the beaker. Now everybody is suffering from Diarrhea. USE the Shovel on the grave.
Go out front YS    =YARD & STAIRS TO HOTEL Drink bottles, Get lump of clay. ENTER Mom's cafe, TALK to Mom & the Cook, TAKE the empty Can of beans. TAKE the Horse Flop and GO to Mom's cafe.

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