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Currently identifies as "News 10", Used sometime in the mid-1970s; has identified as "News 12" since 1998, Used 1990s–2003; currently identifies as "NBC Augusta", Identified as "KSFY Action News" from September 2008 to 2011; currently identifies as "KSFY News", Used from 1974–1977; has identified as "WMBD News" since 2013, Used in the 1980s, currently identifies as "Alabama's News Network" ("CBS 8 News" secondary), Identified as "Action News" 1977–1984; has identified as "NewsChannel 3" since 2013, Originally Identified itself as "Action 6 News" (1970s-early 1980s), "6 Action News" (late 1980s-2007) and "KSBY 6 Action News" (2007–2010) and was a sister station of, Used in the 1980s and 1990s; currently identifies as "TV-3 News", Identified as "Action 8 News" from 1976 to 1987; currently identifies as "News 8", Has identified as "Action 10 News" since 2004, Merged with KHSL after having lowest ratings out of all three of the area's news stations and to not waste money on a failing station; has identified as "Action News Now" since 2013, Used in the 1980s; has identified as "NBC 4 News" since 2002, Used from the 1980s. A set of interview talking points used by the campaign to hire field organizers and seen by The New York Times referred to “full health, dental and vision benefits” and “employment through November 2020 with Team Bloomberg.” But signed contracts seen by The Times also stipulated that employment was at-will, allowing for termination at any time. Capital Cities Communications, which acquired WPVI in 1972 and gave the station its current call sign, took the format to most of its other stations. This list may not reflect recent changes (). [citation needed], Although "Move Closer to Your World" is strongly associated with the Action News format, many stations that have used the "Action News" name actually chose to use other pieces of music for their newscasts. Rival station.

The campaign said in a news release last week that D.N.C.

Stations that use or have used the Action News format or name, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay, "WestNet Wireless - Alberta - Calgary Area HD Broadcast Television Services & ENG Motion Picture Vehicle Rental",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Used as an Independent station from 1974 to 1984; station currently brands its newscast as "PIX 11 News", Used 1989–1997, has identified as "CBS 2 News" 1997–present, and "CBS 2 NewsCentral" September 2009–January 2010, Originator of the "Action News" format on April 6, 1970, WPVI-produced broadcasts on WPHL are branded as "Action News at Ten on PHL17". WNEP-TV in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania used the original version of the theme for many years before switching to a modern variation which only partially resembles the original. First conceived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is characterized by a tight format with strict time limits on set packages, a focus on surrounding suburbs, and a focus on young talent. Just don’t FedEx it. Used from 1974 to 1993, as "KY3 Action News"; has identified as "KY3 News" since 1997, Used early 1990s to late 2000s; now identifies as "NBC 3 News", Used during the 1980s; Currently identifies as "KTBS 3 News", Used from 1975 to 1985, currently identifies as "WHNT News 19", Used in the 1970s; has identified as "News 3" since 2001, Used throughout the 1970s 1980s and early 1990s; has identified as "NewsChannel 9" since 1995, Used during the 1970s; has identified as "16 WAPT News" since 1999, Used as WMT-TV; has identified as "CBS 2 News" since 2004, Identified as Action 8 News in the 1980's. In 1996, the station replaced the original Al Ham theme with a fuller, orchestral version performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. For example, spring footage of the Phillies, NASCAR, CART and DIRT starts on March 21, while footage of the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, and 76ers starts on September 23, and footage of the Mummers Parade with other winter scenes is shown from December 21 to March 21. The scenes are rotated to reflect the current season. [citation needed], Today, Action News innovations have been incorporated into newscasts across the country. Rival station WIIC (now. Former Action News anchor Monica Malpass dropped the asking price for her historic Rittenhouse home to just under $3 million this week.. Newscasts are now branded as "KTVU Fox 2 News". [citation needed] At the time, WFIL-TV was said to be "#4 in a three-station market.
Known as "WOWT 6 News" since 2012. This difference enabled the station to cover more stories than its competitors. Ms. Wood’s legal complaint challenged that, claiming violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and arguing that none of the exemptions applied to the field organizers, who had little leeway in doing their jobs and routinely worked more than 40 hours a week. Action News is a local television newscast format originating in the United States.

Within hours of Ms. Wood’s complaint, a second proposed class-action suit was filed in the same court, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, by former campaign workers in Georgia, Utah and Washington State. The lawsuits, both filed in federal court in New York City, argued that the campaign had recruited staff members to work on Mr. Bloomberg’s bid under false pretenses, preventing them from pursuing other opportunities. Action News is a local television newscast format originating in the United States.First conceived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is characterized by a tight format with strict time limits on set packages, a focus on surrounding suburbs, and a focus on young talent.It was a competitor to the "Eyewitness News… The anchor’s historic rowhouse at … Most immediately, some former employees, like those from Georgia, Utah and Washington who sued on Monday, were seeking to be freed from those broad confidentiality agreements, according to Peter Romer-Friedman, a lawyer at the firm Gupta Wessler who represents them. Some affected employees, including people who had left stable jobs to work for Mr. Bloomberg, as Ms. Wood did, expressed frustration publicly, in spite of the confidentiality and non-disparagement agreements they had signed. Sophia Choi anchors Channel 2 Action News Saturday and Sunday AM and is a general assignment reporter for Channel 2 Action News. Identified as "Action News" 1973–1985, has identified as "11 News" since 1995 and also identified as "WBAL-TV 11 News". Identified as "NBC Action News" 2003–2012; has identified as "41 Action News" since early 2012, after the station rebranded. But on March 9, days after he exited the race, Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign laid off field workers in all but six battleground states, asking if they were open to relocating to one of those states — Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — or if they wanted to be referred to another presidential campaign. [citation needed], WPVI opens its broadcasts with a rapid montage featuring scenes of Philadelphia-area activities. [citation needed], Action News offered the first evening newscasts to be solo anchored by a woman: Diana Robinson, who was the first African-American female news anchor in American television. One of the few that used the name to put emphasis on investigative reporting, with the slogan being "Taking Action For You." ABC Action News anchors, reporters and meteorologists. She was with KIMA as a reporter and fill-in anchor from 2012 to 2014. ), “People are going from a pretty generous health care benefit to projected 20 to 30 percent unemployment,” said Sally J. Abrahamson, a lawyer with Outten & Golden in Washington representing Donna Wood, a former field organizer in Miami who was laid off on Friday and filed the breach of contract suit. Currently broadcasts newscast from sister station, KTVU. [5][6] Identified as "Action News 36" 2004–2009, identified as "ABC 36 News" since 2009. Former campaign workers for Michael Bloomberg filed two proposed class-action lawsuits on Monday, arguing they and thousands of others were tricked into taking their jobs and are owed overtime pay. Used from 1975–1986; has identified as "12 News" since then. FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS - A former Action News reporter is one of the police officers who quickly responded and shot and killed the man who ambushed and killed a police officer late Saturday. Has identified as "WRAL News" since 2003. One of the suits, brought by a former field organizer in Florida, also alleged the campaign had breached its contract with its organizers and failed to pay them necessary overtime. [citation needed] "Move Closer to Your World" is probably the only news theme to be offered as a ringtone, which is offered by WPVI free of charge. work, they remain aggrieved. Former field organizers for Michael R. Bloomberg filed two proposed class-action lawsuits against his presidential campaign Monday, arguing that they and thousands of others laid off this month had been tricked into taking jobs they were told would last until November. Used during its CBS days; has identified as "ABC 6 News" since 1995, Used 1978–1997; has identified as "KVUE News" since 2001, Used between 1999 and 2001; station ended its newscasts on April 3, 2009; newscasts have been branded as "Eyewitness News" after sister station, Has never been known as "Action News," but has used "Move Closer to Your World" theme for several years, Has identified as "ABC 30 Action News" since 1994, but uses the "Eyewitness News" format of KABC and KGO; title began on September 14, 1970, Used during its first few years as an ABC affiliate; has identified as "News 10" since 1995, Newscast name used before its purchase by Gannett; Currently identifies as "Today's THV", Used from 1990 to 1997; currently identifies as "Fox 10 News", Used "Action 10 News" 1970–1974 and 1978–April 2004; has identified as "10 News" since April 2004, Used in the 1970s, 1980s, and the mid-late 1990s; has identified as "LEX 18 News" since 2000.

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