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This e-learning courses developed by The Food Standard Agency as part of the continuing programme of update training for enforcers in the UK. 'consumers'. wholesalers, may be involved between the processor and the retailer or caterer. For Article 18 on traceability the guidance outlines what the Article says and how the FSA believes businesses can comply. The Food Authority’s responsibility to notify the Food Standards Agency of food incidents and hazards. Having procedures in place to call the appropriate agencies together to implement urgent control measures whenever they are required. reset. Additional indications may be required under national rules. Full FIC information required but can be provided in commercial documents as long as name, date, The guidance includes the scope and the requirements for implementation of traceability by a business. These notes provide informal, non-statutory advice on compliance with the requirements for food businesses of Articles 14, 16, 18 and 19 of Regulation (EC) 178/2002. In terms of what the Article says this covers a) what businesses are required to do, b) the purpose of the traceability provisions, and c) provisions in respect of live animals, seeds, and non food agricultural inputs. For Article 18 on traceability this covers the rational, implications, scope of the traceability requirement, and implementation of the traceability requirement. In the diagram below, further intermediaries, e.g. 'Loose or prepacked for direct sale' link from 'caterer' to Information needs to be passed on to enable the provision of required information to the consumer. The FSA has issued guidance notes for Food Business Operators on Food Safety, Traceability, Product Withdrawal and Recall. For Article 18 on traceability the guidance outlines what the Article says and … Your certificate will expire after one year and your quiz status will now be automatically 'consumers'. The information must flow along the supply chain so that these obligations can be met. information which will be required ultimately for the final consumer or caterer. It will provide you with a general understanding of current food labelling legislation. Food businesses are required to comply with this legislation which relates to the safety of food, traceability, notification of food safety incidents and withdrawal and recall of unsafe food. Take the expense out of getting your part-time, seasonal and shift food handlers trained in food safety. Food Law - Guidance for Authorised Officers, Next module: Identification to facilitate traceability >>, Definitions of food incidents/food hazards, Food hazards associated with outbreaks of food-borne illness, Action by the Food Authority - food hazards.

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