ff7 chapter 17

Once you’re outside, you can use the bench and vending machine on the left side if you need to.

This triggers a new main scenario. You’ll recover as Cloud and you’ll have to find the others on your own through The Drum. Jump onto it to reach the other platform where you’ll find a chest containing a bottle of Ether. Once you’ve defeated them, go under the obstacle and head outside the hallway section. By the time i got there i already had limit accesories. A Way Out Upon starting the chapter, the whole team will be in a room of the Specimen Enclosures in Hojo’s lab where Aerith was kept when she was young. You’ll have to destroy its barrier drones first to take out its shields so that you can damage it. Chapter 17: Deliverance from Chaos is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Kill the enemies while Barret and Red handle the debris blocking the stairs. It is weak to all magical elements. Make sure to check behind the crates on the right side to find a chest containing 1x Astral Cuff. As you will be encountering numerous enemies as either of the pair, best equip them with the Materias below before you advance.

After falling down, make your way to the right and pull the lever to make a path to … Fight the two Unknown Entity enemies before heading to the objective. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Go inside the large pipe and go left first.

Walk onto the pipes and about halfway, the pipe will collapse causing Aerith and Tifa to fall onto the ground. With the pods activated by Tifa, you’ll now be able to cross and reach the 2nd Ward. Red XIII, on the other hand, will help as well, still as a guest member. Head inside the next room, and before heading up the stairs, check the corner on the right side to find a chest containing 1x Chain Bangle. Proceed through the door on the right to exit the other side of the hallway. After killing the enemies, climb up the nearby ladder to reach the pipes. Next, proceed to the next room and you’ll encounter three Bloodhound enemies that’ll break out from their cages.

Next to the door of the hallway, you’ll find another chest that has a bottle of Ether.

Go around the booth Aerith and Tifa are in and you’ll find a console. You’ll encounter another enemy, the Swordipede. A Way Out.

You’ll be able to rendezvous now with Cloud and Barret. Before heading towards Red XIII’s position, cross the pods that are behind you to find a chest at the end where you can obtain a tuft of Phoenix Down. Unit will be activated and fight you. Once you exit the room, the door behind you will close. Follow the trail towards the executive suite until you reach the President’s Office. Head inside the room and help him defeat the Monodrive and Mark II Monodrive enemies. After clearing the group, two Unknown Entity enemies will ambush you and after defeating them, the M.O.T.H. You’ll be given a tutorial regarding Red XIII’s leaping action. Open the chest that’s in the room to obtain 1x Reinforced Staff, a new weapon for Aerith. After the battle, exit the room and head inside the next section of the hallway, into the third disposal room where a cutscene will trigger.

Proceed further to the next section and you’ll find Red XIII. Go back and head towards Red’s position. After the battle, the main scenario will now switch to Aerith, Barret and Red XIII. For Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Chapter 17 Hard mode is ridiculous". Unit.

Continue to the right side and pull the switch for the door next to it to open. As you cross the pods, you’ll encounter two Unknown Entity enemies. Continue forward and head towards the second pipe where another cutscene will trigger. Back as the ladies, cross the pods to the other platform and two Sledgeworm enemies will appear from the holes on the ground.

If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us. Completing Chapter 17 Switch Between Two Groups Throughout the mission, you will be switching between two parties: Aerith and Tifa, & Cloud and Barret.

Barret will be added to your active party and you’ll be able to control him or issue commands.
You’ll be able to find a chest containing 1x Mega Potion.

It's the three dogs vs Tifa/Aerith right? Post-Game/Combat Sim Tips, Trophy Cleanup and Hard Mode Prep (Expect Spoilers). The Jenova Dreamweaver rewards you with 2600 EXP, 10 AP, 1300 Gil, and 1x Astral Cuff. Eventually, as you progress, you’ll reach a large room that has a lot of folding screen curtains. Make sure to assess them to learn more about how to approach this battle. You’ll automatically switch to the ladies and you’ll have to finish it off. You’ll find a chest containing 2x Mega Potion. So make sure to check your active members’ equipment, replenish HP and MP if needed, and if you’re ready, ride the elevator and head to the roof. Pull it and it opens a large door back in the hallway where you’ll encounter two Unknown Entity enemies. After defeating the enemies, climb down the ladder and you’ll face 2x Enhanced Shock Trooper enemies. After the battle, you’ll be able to pass through the stairs and head to the elevator where Cloud passed out in Chapter 16. Once it reaches half HP, it will go berserk, flee the area, and head towards Aerith, Tifa, and Red XIII’s position. From here, you’ll be able to choose who you want to play as first, Tifa and Aerith, or Barret and Cloud. Head up the stairs and work your way to the entrance of the 3rd Ward. Go back to the previous platform and use the PHS intercom terminal near the door leading to the 3rd Ward to switch parties. once you’ve defeated the enemies, the door ahead of you will open and you’ll need to find Tifa and Aerith before heading to the roof. Steal - is it usually supposed to fail, most of the time. Rising from his bed, he’ll be surrounded by his friends and allies, including Red XIII. Once you’ve defeated the enemies, head towards the control room where Red is. Shortly after, a new type of enemy appears where Cloud and Barret are, which is the Sledgeworm. About midway up the stairs, you’ll hear Barret. Ride the lift on the right side of the room to reach the upper level where you’ll find the pods destroyed. When you’re ready, continue forward and head to the 1st Ward. Enter the waste disposal room on the left and you’ll be locked inside while you fight off a group of Zenene enemies. After the Chapter 17 intro cinematic, Cloud will awaken in Aerith’s old room. After defeating the enemies, pull the nearby lever for a bridge to appear next to it. Chapter 17: Deliverance from Chaos Donations (by pressing the button) are greatly appreciated but never necessary. Life's about survival, and we're survivors. Head past the door and flip the switch at the end of the platform for the pods to appear. On the other side, before you head further to the next section, there’s a small room where you can find a bench and vending machine. Open the …

Help him defeat the rest of the Unknown Entity enemies. Once you’ve defeated it, climb up the ladder, pull the switch to activate the pods. Continue forward to the next disposal room and you’ll be locked inside again while you face the M.O.T.H.

Head down the collapsed walkway until you reach the bottom section where you’ll encounter Monodrive enemies. After defeating the enemies, squeeze through the tight gap of the door and you’ll find a room full of cages. Hojo then appears from the terminal above you and after his speech, the doors will open. Cross the other side and use PHS intercom terminal to switch to Cloud’s party. When you reach the door, you’ll find a room next to it where you can use a bench and a vending machine to restock on supplies. Cross the pods after he pulls the lever. After the cutscene, make sure to rest at the bench and use the nearby vending machine before heading to the top of the building. Head up the stairs and make your way towards the door leading to the 4th Ward. Quickly kill them and proceed forward to reach Red XIII. Interact with it so that you can talk to the girls via the intercom.

A short cutscene will trigger where you’ll find Tifa and Aerith on the higher level. Head outside of the room and check the other room on the left to find a chest that has 1x Enfeeblement Ring. Cross the other side, defeat the Unknown Entity enemies. Red XIII manages to reach Hojo but is captured. As you continue forward, about midway, turn right and head towards the end to find 1x Poison Materia. Use the PHS intercom terminal to switch back to Tifa and Aerith. You’ll encounter Sentry Launcher enemies.
It’s end. Next, head inside the next room and head up the stairs to the second floor. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. After defeating it, you’ll be able to reach the central section. Use the PHS intercom terminal and switch back to Tifa. Head inside the 3rd Ward as Tifa and Aerith. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to control him or check his stats and change his equipment, but instead, he will fight alongside as a guest member of your party. Next, pull the lever in the middle for the bridge to appear, Slug-Ray and Shock-Ray enemies will spawn after you pull the lever. Find the Others. Head up the stairs and once you reach the top, where the door of the 4th ward is, go down the opposite stairs and have Red cross and pull the lever at the end to activate the pods. Once you’ve cleared the enemies, head to the central terminal and activate switch number 04. As Barret and Aerith, you’ll now have to fight another boss, The Arsenal. Shortly after, you’ll be teleported into an unknown section and you’ll face the Jenova Dreamweaver. Successfully defeating it will reward you with 1300 EXP, 10 AP, and 1300 Gil. Just as when you’re about to exit the room, you’ll be locked in and you’ll encounter the Brain Pod, the mechanical enemy that captured Red earlier.

Home » Guides » FF7 Remake Chapter 17 Deliverance from Chaos Walkthrough. Also, on the opposite side of the room, you’ll find a switch that you can pull which opens the large door next to it. When you’re ready, head to the 2nd ward until you reach the hallway section. In the middle of the room, on the right side, go behind the cage and you’ll find a chest containing 1x Mega Potion. When a red icon appears, this means you can ask him for help to reach a certain point by pressing the. Back as Cloud, you’ll be able to reach the next platform via the pods. You’ve cleared the area, so head to the marked objective and go out the central section. After crossing, head inside the room on the right where you’ll find a chest where you can collect 3,000 Gil. Open the chest that’s in the room to obtain 1x Reinforced Staff, a new weapon for Aerith.

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