everything happens for a reason quote origin

However, some creative people paint on windows. "Hey, that could have been me if I'd just had the same breaks he did!" And unfortunately the great majority of the women of today are looking for men with a lot of money as well, and this makes these type of women nothing but real users and such losers altogether now. So its up to everyone to make a living, God has given everyone what it takes. So i'm saying we dont know what will happen, due to quantum randomness, but surely the laws of physics will apply to everything? Let's assume for a moment that is true, that the sort of events I've described, as well as other horrific tragedies, were the handiwork of the divine. Thinking that things happen for a reason is faith. Even if what I'm saying isn't true, though I know it is through personal proof of God's existence,at least I have eyes that can see good things seeping out of a crisis and allow reason to exist, instead of immediately dismissing that theres ever a reason at all. You start by explaining why you are not going to train with the shaolin of China, a self-proclaimed life dream because of one set back. It is bad philosophy, bad theology, bad thinking, and bad advice. and try to be better from here on out. You still haven’t received the message. After 9/11 and other events, we all question "why" but maybe we shouldn't and just stay involved in passions and live life to the fullest...there is my take on the situation!Jason (a canuck! Let’s go back to the phrase “the universe is always changing.” So that means so do you. In fact, it allows us to heal. its sad what happened to the 6 year old child, and the child is not to blame for being kidnapped. Can dance a little.” Despite this initial rejection, Astaire persevered and ended up becoming one of the top actors, singers and dancers of his generation. She graduated with a degree in Mass Communications at the University of San Jose Recoletos. I may not be able to give you any answers to the questions you have asked, but there is one thing that i know. Probably because most people cannot comprehend the idea that all the bad things happening in the world is for a reason. And when that young mother and her child were hit by a drunk driver and died tragically in a car accident, that also happened for a reason -- someone had too much to drink, and without concern for anyone else's wellbeing, they got behind the wheel of their car, wherein their impaired judgment and slowed response time resulted in them running a red light and taking the life of a mother and her child. For one, I find it to be rather sappy and, well, I'm not a particularly sappy person. But it does. -- Marilyn Monroe No reason to stay is a good reason to MOVE ON. As Jordan puts it, “I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. Why We Think That Everything Happens for a Reason Our evolved cognitive bias is magnified in illuminating ways in mental illness. It’s one of those Eureka moments that allow you to reflect on your life and makes you realize just how strong you really are. Failure and loss are inevitable, but trying to rationalize them can be the last thing you need to do. This makes you create better decisions in the future and gives you renewed motivation and purpose to go forward. They believe they make no mistakes and have no regrets. It seems like some people can't think for themselves, don't let other people influence your opinions so easily. But not everybody does. The saying, "Don't waste your pain.". To suggest that the suffering in Haiti was predictable and the government was unprepared is a pretty great simplification. (by the way, I will be 30yrs old in two months, and can't believe I am not going to be in my 20's anymore ;) ) I believe in God, and believe that we constantly are here to learn from our mistakes and take full advantage of life and accept the rewards from being good people.

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