events in italy february 2020

Visitors can sample new olive oil by drizzling it over equally fresh flat bread bruschetta. Perpetually ensconced with a book in her hand and a mug of coffee in the other, she has been to over 15 countries in her 23 years of existence and is currently saving miles and money for her solo trip to Iceland. For all of the latest on the various carnival celebrations, check out this article. Going on a food trail here is highly recommended. What are the top things to do in Rome in February? Between 12th and 21st February, Fiera del Cioccolato will be showcasing some of the finest chocolates from all over Italy in the Renaissance city of Florence. With over 8 million people visiting this city year after year, Rome remains to be one of Europe’s top travel magnets, and why not?

The crowning jewel of the Italian opera season, Verona’s opera festival runs from mid June until late August or early September, and puts on performances penned by some of the most famous composers in Italy. Which Festivals and Holidays Are Held in Italy Each Month? There will also be a Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon for sports enthusiasts. These delicious, sweet balls are usually found during the carnival period (right before lent) and make for a perfect treat to enjoy in the cold February weather. For further information, visit the ABTA website at Which are the best events happening in February in Italy? For the last 12 years, opera singer Andrea Bocelli has held court at the open-air Teatro del Silenzo just outside Lajatico. Please note that this restaurant is closed until 3 April for the COVID-19 lockdown.

No waiting hours and hours to get into your favourite attraction or worrying about the hassles of prebooking tickets and planning your days months in advance. There is no better way to experience the chill of February. February Timings 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (till February 15th. In the city area of San Gregorio Armeno there are hundred stalls selling the most original ones. John Bensalhia looks at what's happening - including Spring-related revelries, the hunt for the next Eurovision competitor and Valentine's fun! Taking a stroll through Trastevere, enjoy a candlelit dinner at The Library (a romantic restaurant) or simply sit under the stars at one of Rome’s many trattorias with your loved one. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. These cakes are said to protect people from sore throats and illnesses. Need help planning your Rome vacation? Alternatively, if your tastes are more musical, one of our many opera breaks could be for you. As with most Italian festivals, there is also plenty of eating and drinking and a huge fireworks display at the end. And if that's not enough, it's also the month of (adopts deep, growling Barry White voice) lurve! The very best of events in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily, Naples, the Alps and more. You can take in the beauty of the city, lounge outdoors and at the same time enjoy the cool, mild weather. During this holiday, a lot of restaurants and cafes run special offers and promotions, so make sure you check them out!

This relatively unexplored corner of Italy is awash with culture, history and authentic cuisine. The fair is combined with an International Folklore Festival with music, singing, parades, puppet shows, and open-air performances. Don’t worry if you can’t get the traditional get-up, either – you can hire or buy an outfit in Venice.

Following a mass at dawn, the statue of Sant'Agata that houses her relics is placed on a fercolo, a 40,000-pound silver carriage, that is pulled up Monte Sangiuliano by 5,000 men. Citalia is a trading name of Specialist Holidays (Travel) Limited, which is part of the Travelopia Group of Companies. You'll love the events taking place in Italy throughout February. The culinary scenario in Rome is reason enough to plan a trip here, and taking a food tour is the absolute best way to take in this eating frenzy. Headout is building the future of how we experience our cities.

The Ravello Festival is one of the best-loved events in Italy, taking the Amalfi Coast by storm every summer. February 3 is a minor celebration everywhere in Italy. Home Rome Rome Travel Guide Best Time to Visit Rome Rome in February. > Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Carnival of Putignano, 10-12 FEBRUARY The Ravello Festival is one of the best-loved events in Italy, taking the Amalfi Coast by storm every summer. Collections for the coming Autumn and Winter seasons of 2016 will be showcased at this event from Italian designers including Gucci, Armani and Dolce and Gabbana. Some of the more unusual Carnevale celebrations are the orange-throwing battle in Ivrea, Albanian celebrations in Calabria, and a Roman carnival in the Aosta Valley.

This is a must visit if in Naples. One of the country’s most deeply-rooted traditions, this is the opportunity par excellence to experience the skills of Venetian artisans. With that in mind, the annual Almond Blossom Festival celebrates the season. Older visitors can look forward to classes that include becoming a Master Chocolatier for the day! Perhaps the most famous dish to come out of Rome is the uber delicious and ridiculously simple pasta carbonara.

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