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Level = Ethiopia's Space Infrastructure . In 1974 this helped topple Haile Selassie. has no history of being part of any organization dealing with space, nor has in The Hague, rules that Eritrea broke international law when it

Ethiopia is one of the world's poorest countries, but unlike its neighbors in the extremely poverty stricken swathe from West Africa to the Horn in the East, Ethiopia has a long and coherent history- a tradition of centralized statehood. That is by developing the scientific thinking of our society, to enable the country’s social and economic development. Ethiopian astronauts, however, remain far off even though the prospect of conquering space is an attractive one in a country that lays claim to be the birthplace of humankind, with the remains of the ancient hominid Lucy housed in Addis Ababa. / Cities: Addis Ababa. The country is one of “We are using space applications in everyday activities, for mobile phones, weather – space applications are fundamental,” said Kelali Adhana, the International Astronomical Union chief for East Africa, who is based in Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi's Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Thousands were killed under Marxist dictator's "Red Terror". Selassie flees, king of Italy made emperor of Ethiopia; Ethiopia Copyright © 2020 Ethiopian Space Science Society. google_ad_channel = "6079610959"; “Our main priority is to inspire the young generation to be involved in science and technology.”. a long and coherent history- a tradition of centralized statehood. 0                                         Development: Ethiopia has built a privately funded astronomical observatory, taking the first step towards creating a fully fledged national space agency. 1930 - Zawditu dies and is succeeded by Ras Tafari Makonnen, who becomes Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Although largely free from the coups that have plagued other African

1978 - Somali forces defeated with massive help from the Soviet Union and Cuba. 2000 December - Ethiopia and Eritrea sign a peace Ethiopia confirms it is battling Islamic militia in google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Astro-bus - Ethiopia Project Group members (numerous Ethiopian and foreign professionals) would be engaged in an outreach program on the areas of Astronomy, Space Science, Technology, Creativity, and Art, Traveling from one city to another. With the construction of the observatory on the Entoto mountains underway, Ethiopia inches closer to getting its space program off the ground. 1868 - Tewodros defeated by a British expeditionary force and commits suicide to avoid capture. 2nd century AD - Kingdom of Axum becomes a regional trading power. 1974 - Haile Selassie overthrown in military coup. property was confiscated and defence spending spiralled. any launch capability.

1977 - Benti killed and replaced by Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam.

agriculture, which in turn relies on rainfall. Ethiopia's Space Infrastructure . google_color_border = "000000"; Ethiopia’s ETRSS-1 satellite launch sent the continent’s 41st satellite into orbit. The Ethiopian Space Science Society along with the Astro-bus - Ethiopia Project Group members (numerous Ethiopian and foreign professionals) would be engaged in an outreach program on the areas of Astronomy, Space Science, Technology, Creativity, and Art, Traveling from one city to another. Military angrily rejects charge. The next step will be to build a far more powerful observatory in the isolated mountains around Lalibela to the north. From the time of establishment, the society has been enlightening the public about space science and its benefits to our country. Quartz is owned by Uzabase, the business intelligence and media company. and Power Projection. ESSS Branch and school space science clubs are the foundation for ESSS success in meeting its missions and goals. No organisation claims responsibility. common border, drawn up by an independent commission, though both sides Italians, and restore Haile Selassie to his throne. Africa. 4th century - Coptic Christianity introduced from Egypt.

Our idea was contrary to that.”. economic conditions stabilise, but not enough to restore investors' MENGISTU HAILE MARIAM agriculture begins; Tigrayan People's Liberation Front launches war for army of "widespread murder, rape and torture" against Gambella region's Just consider where we’d be without weather forecasting, GPS technology, and satellite TV. urges Eritrea to pull back the troops it has moved into the buffer zone Importantly, that investment brings back some pretty significant returns. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. at war with the Islamists because they had declared holy war on his

2005 August-September - Election re-runs in more In addition, setting strong culture and precedence of sharing best practices through workshop and trainings in a continuous manner will sustain the society effort in creating strong and functional branch offices. Perched atop the 3,200-meter-tall (10,500-foot) Mount Entoto, two metal domes house telescopes, each a meter in diameter. Does And both simply aren’t true. Enjoy! supplanted by the Soviet Union. protectorate over Ethiopia. What the government began a drive to move more than two million people away It has a bold mission: “To build a society with a highly developed scientific culture that enables Ethiopia to reap the benefits accruing from space science and technology.”. The space observatory is, above all, a symbol.

“We cannot postpone it, otherwise we allow ourselves to live in poverty.”. google_color_link = "FFFF66"; 1962 - Haile Selassie annexes Eritrea, which becomes an Ethiopian province. much of Somalia. Very Low. Ethiopia’s ETRSS-1 satellite, which is manned by a team of engineers at the Entoto Observatory and Research Center on the outskirts of the capital Addis Ababa, analyzes weather patterns to extract data and enhance the country’s preparedness in the case of drought. combined with Eritrea and Italian Somaliland to become Italian East establishes commissions to delineate the disputed border and provides The argument that countries shouldn’t be ‘wasting’ money on space exploration isn’t a new one – for decades people have been complaining that NASA is a waste of funding and, more recently, India and Pakistan have been criticised for their extremely cheap and successful space missions. google_ad_channel = "6079610959";

for the exchange of prisoners and the return of displaced people. The UN says the incursion is a major ceasefire The agreement These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. famine, war and ill-conceived policies brought millions to the brink of “We are in no hurry to go to deep space,” he said. But a protracted stalemate over the disputed town of Badme continues. 1963 - First conference of the Organisation of African Unity held in Addis Ababa. referendum on independence. 2006 August - Several hundred people are feared Ethiopia is finishing plans to launch its second satellite into orbit next month, just eight months after the launch of its ETRSS-1 Satellite last December. His regime a meeting in the Netherlands. 2005 April - First section of Axum obelisk, looted by Italy in 1937, is returned to Ethiopia from Rome. are almost two-thirds illiterate. It allows the handful of astronomy and astrophysics students at the University of Addis Ababa to train on site rather than taking expensive trips abroad. The Ethiopian Space Science Society is in charge of the construction of the observatory, which will feature two massive optical telescopes – a silver dome that will house The country’s second remote sensing satellite will weigh 8.9 kilograms and be of improved resolution for its handlers on the ground at its Ethiopian command center. That question assumes two things: that space exploration directly takes money away from fighting poverty; and that space research does nothing to help fight poverty.

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