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— when opponent is stronger, How did this happen? Reno: Don’t you want the salt out, or are you keeping it in so you can be salty about everything? The Church Of Modern Day Aerith. Zack: *arms out, in falsetto* I’ll never let go, Jack! — when opponent is stronger, Can't smile about this one. — when opponent is stronger What do you want with me? Could: That don't involve killing people? Cloud: Is there anything you want to say before we go back home? — when HP is low I'm gonna do...what ever I can. I can’t believe you two would be so reckless! Cloud: I— I actually don’t know how to respond to that… yes? — Sephiroth, We just met, but I won't miss you. He’s the sweetest thing to look at and he’s got the purest heart out of anyone I know. — Exdeath, You're over your fears now, right? — when opponent is weaker. — when HP is low, I'll live your life for you. — when opponent is stronger … Garland: "There is no escaping the cycle!" I...don't have time for you. Tifa: Now, what do we say when we get upset? And since we’re made of atoms, we’ve never touched anything in our entire lives. Cloud: Wearing a shirt means sweating out all the salt I’ve ingested throughout the day. — Shiva, Descend and shock our foes into submission! ", Light to All: Beyond Doubt Terra: "I don't want to hurt you! ", There... Ha! Come what may, I'm ready. Cloud: I kept my Tamagotchi alive for 2 days once so why not? Let's just...get this over with. — when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle. — when HP is low. (Sephiroth, Genesis, and Vincent put their hands up). Cloud: So to answer question no I didn’t punch Reno in the face. Don't you care? — when HP is low, I'm gonna win. — when opponent is weaker, What a sour note... Cloud: *not looking up from his newspaper* Like always, being cute. — Kuja, No time to doubt, huh? Do I feel sorry for you. — when using Slashing Blow (Down), This... is it! — Feral Chaos, Side Story: Unexpected Fulfillment -2- Cloud: "You're no friend of mine! “ah, those two. Is this from the ending of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children or a … — when opponent is stronger, I...don't care anymore. ", Light to All: Beyond Doubt Do what you want. I know it was supposed to be a serious moment but I just , for some reason cloti is my comfort ship rn, and i wanna just edit with them all the time rn. For him, this is a job and nothing more. — when opponent is stronger, Figures. What a pain. Zack: That’s why I look at you like this. Cloud: I’m about ready to hang up on you. — Bartz, There's no getting through to you. Aerith: To the way your chest moves when you’re pacing? Cloud: You know I can’t say no when you look at me like that. — Leviathan, Don't show these weaklings any mercy! — when opponent is weaker, Not interested. I have to continue on. Zack: Pretend you’re Cloud! ", Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle — Alexander, Show them defiance is impossible! around each other, they melt.”. Show me what you've got. ", Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle — Bahamut (game proper), I've a lot to learn. I can handle this. You broke so many laws with your little stunt and- Are you even paying attention?! Over here! — when HP is low, I'm gonna do...what ever I can. — when opponent is stronger, I earned this victory. What I want, Cloud, is to sail the darkness of the cosmos with this Planet as my vessel … just as my mother did long ago. — Squall, I don't sense any anger from you. — when using EX Revenge, Set the world on fire and watch it burn! — when opponent is weaker, Don't mess with me. Cloud: *kicking down the door* MOMMA, MOM, THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND, ZACK. — when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle. Squall, who just jumped onto the smallest ledge possible: Oh? Sephiroth: "I'll lead you to true despair." — Bahamut (early Beta), Unleash your fury upon our foes! — Zidane, You can still proceed, even with doubts. — The Emperor, A visible darkness does not frighten me. — Ultimecia, I don't plan on playing any games. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Those Remnants will join the Lifestream and girdle the planet … choking it; corroding it. Cloud: "Here goes, Terra." — when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle, You can leave the rest to me. — when opponent is weaker, Looks like I'm in trouble here. — Cloud of Darkness, If it's the Void you want, it's the Void you get. — when using Climhazzard, ...Weak. He may bring his buster sword to bear against Shinra troopers, but he does not care for the plight of the planet. — Laguna, I'm not interested in your plans. — when using Omnislash Version 5, Give me strength! — Kefka, I've got a few things to settle with you. One, two, three! — when opponent is stronger, You don't seem like an ordinary foe. — Warrior of Light, You're a knight. — when last to fight in a round-robin battle, Show me the power of light. HE’S DUMB AND MANLY AS HELL! He cares about me, and I love him. Cloud: … my depression may be chronic but this ass is iconic. The main protagonist of the game. — when opponent is stronger, I guess this is it. Cloud: "I'm not fighting just to fade away. — Kuja, I can't ride along on your road to ruin. — Ramuh, Sever their limbs in a single blow! Bye Rose! Aerith: Well tough, you’re going to have to. Character quotes from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, — when opponent is weaker, I won't sleep well tonight. — Terra, To see the day when we must fight... Aerith: Hey we should re-enact that famous scene from titanic. — when opponent is weaker, What a depressing job. Don't you care? Light to All: The Chosen Path Cloud: "You cannot control our hopes. — with perfect EX Burst execution, I need this power! — Cloud of Darkness, Don't rush me, I'm getting ready. Cloud: "I will put an end to this fight. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle Cloud: "Time to see... what you're made of. — Odin, Crush them under the ocean's wave! — Onion Knight, I can rip through your darkness. Cloud: *to Sephiroth* Imagine we’re on the roof looking at the stars and I push you off~. Cloud: "Enough talk, let's go.". — Tifa, You sure have a lively lot with you. — Warrior of Light, You look like you got it all figured out. Exdeath: "Prepare to disappear into the Void!" — when opponent is stronger, What do you want with me? — when HP is low, It always ends the same way. — when opponent is stronger, I'm gonna do... what I can. — when opponent is stronger, Guess I have to. (Vincent ponders a moment, then puts his hand down). This is it. Denzel: Please be my dad, I am 12 and have many mental health problems. in a fight, they’re lethal. — when HP is low I'm gonna win. Firion: "Give me all you got, Cloud!" It's where your interests connect you with your people. Zack: *looking away with a blush* Mom, this is my boyfriend, Cloud. I...don't have time for you. Tifa: Stupid and irresponsible! You can count on me. An ex-SOLDIER: first class, Cloud came to Midgar to start a new chapter of his life as a mercenary. No hard feelings. Tifa: What the heck are they doing over there? Sephiroth: "You fight, not knowing the truth?" At the invitation of his childhood friend, Tifa, he accepted a job with Avalanche. The Emperor: "Grovel before my unrivaled power!" Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Cloud: Did you know that atoms never touch each other? Sephiroth: "Saving your enemies from your friends?" — Ifrit, Plunge lances of ice through their hearts! ", Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle Cloud: "I've got enough on my plate.

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