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For better performance at altitude, these aircraft have been equipped with 150 horsepower (110 kW) Lycoming O-320-E2D engines and propeller combinations. On September 12, 1994, Frank Eugene Corder intentionally crashed a Cessna 150L onto the South Lawn of the White House against the south wall of the Executive Mansion, in an apparent suicide attempt.

For a two-place airplane, that’s a big hike but, as is usually the case, there wasn’t much payload gain due to rising empty weight. See options below. Since I don’t want my own daughters to botch an actual unusual attitude, the A150 is just the ticket for instruction. Seat upholstery is in excellent condition except for a tear in the pilot side seatback. Since I don’t have kids, a two-seater could fit most of my missions while keeping costs at a minimum—perhaps as minimum as flying gets.

Cessna 150K — 1970 was the year that Cessna introduced the Cessna A150K "Aerobat," a Cessna 150 with limited aerobatic capabilities. This increase in empty weight of 167 lbs (76 kg) was offset only by a gross weight increase of 100 lbs (45 kg) in 1964. The many refinements incorporated into the Cessna 150 over the years had cost the aircraft a lot of useful load.

The airplane had excellent care until the owner stopped flying it in 2008, and it has sat idle ever since. Optional long-range tanks increase total capacity to 38 U.S. gallons (143.8 L). The Cessna 150G model was also the first Cessna 150 variant certified for floats. Tanis Engine Pre-Heat System The rear window changed the look of the Cessna 150 and cost 3 mph (4.8 km/h) in cruise speed. Most aircraft should have had this done long ago. Two organizations of note are the Cessna Pilots Association and the Cessna 150-152 Club. United States: United States Air Force - The United States Air Force Academy Flying Team uses three Cessna 150s designated T-51A (1 Model 150L, 2 Model 150M) for training and competition. 48" Pitch 69" Diameter 331 “B” models were built. An extra 60 gallon fuel tank was installed (beyond the standard 22.5 gallons) and the plane took off 500 lbs (230 kg) over gross weight. Its fuel burn is less than 6 GPH, but we still flight plan for a solid 6 GPH. Basic Empty Weight 1097 lbs. The Cessna 150 prototype first flew on September 12, 1957, with production commencing in September 1958 at Cessna's Wichita, Kansas plant. A total of 3,087 of the newly styled Cessna 150F models were produced.

See those little pairs of holes along the belly? Wrote owner Ed Park of Aliso Viejo, California, “Unless the guy that you bought the airplane from spent a bunch of time and money fixing up that 20-year-old airplane and fixing/replacing/repairing a lot of things, you can expect that you will be that person if you are conscientious about your maintenance.”. The Lycoming O-235L2C was supposed to achieve three goals: Solve the O-200’s lead problem, boost power a bit to increase the payload and offset the 15 percent gain in empty weight and last, reduce noise. When 80/87 gas began to fade from the market in 1978, displaced by 100LL, Cessna switched to the 110-HP Lycoming O-235 that provided more power and boosted the TBO from 1800 hours to 2000 hours and eventually 2400 hours.

The higher compression O-235 Lyc delivered its 110 HP at 2550 RPM rather than the O-200’s 2750 RPM. I live in upstate New York and have family and friends spread out over the Northeast. They are there to drain water from the hull. The O-235 accumulated lead deposits in every nook and cranny and lead fouling of plugs became such a problem that Champion developed a special extended-electrode spark plug for this engine, the REM37BY.
Although the seat height is quite low, the legroom is excellent. It was available as the “150” or the upgraded “Commuter”. An auxiliary power plug was made available as an option in 1969, too, along with “rocker” style electrical switches. In 1976 the “M” gained a suite of electrical circuit breakers to replace the previous fuses used. Aerobatic purists sniff at the Aerobat because it has control wheels, not a stick. Auto fuel STCs, which permit the use of automobile fuel instead of the more expensive aviation fuel. Passenger doors width (each): 2 ft 10 in (0.86 m), Weight empty equipped with standard tanks: 975 lbs (442 kg), Max power loading: 16.0 lbs/hp (7.26 kg/hp), Max permissible diving speed: 162 mph (261 km/h), Max cruising speed at 75% power at 7,000 ft (2,133 m): 117 mph (188 km/h), Econ cruising speed at 10,000 ft (3,050 m): 93 mph (149 km/h), Stalling speed with flaps down: 40 mph (78 km/h), Rate of climb at S/L: 670 ft/min (240 m/min), T-O run to 50 ft (15 m): 1,385 ft (422 m), Landing from 50 ft (15 m): 1075 ft (328 m), Range at Econ cruising speed with normal tankage and no reserve: 565 miles (909 km), Range at Econ cruising speed with long-arranged tanks and no reserve: 880 miles (1416 km), Range at Max cruising speed with normal tankage and no reserve: 475 miles (767 km), Range at Max cruising speed with long-arranged tanks and no reserve: 726 miles (1168 km), Shupek, John. In 2007 Cessna announced that they will build a two seat successor to the Model 150 and 152 designated the Model 162 Skycatcher. Cessna added impulse coupling on both magnetos to improve this, plus direct priming for each cylinder. The airplane is, however, out of annual and is in need of some TLC. The 152 offers a little more shoulder room than the 150, but the cabin is still a very cozy place to be. The Cessna 150 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation airplane, that was designed for flight training, touring and personal use. Would-be buyers had disposable income, the economy was strong and the post-war flying frenzy was still a real trend. Does this really matter? It was rated for +6/-3 “g” and sported four-point harnesses, skylights, and jettisonable doors, along with checkerboard paint schemes and removable seat cushions so parachutes could be worn. These replaced the previous flat steel leaf spring gear. The 1960 model introduced a 35-amp generator on the Commuter. The baggage compartment was enlarged by 50%. With such a low cruise speed, a 30-40 knot headwind can make some trips a lesson in patience—or downright impractical. We’re not talking Extra 300 or even Pitts-type performance, of course. Artificial Horizon Replaced in 2001
The very first Cessna 150 weighed 962 lbs (436 kg) empty, whereas the last Cessna 150M "Commuter II” had an empty weight of 1,129 lbs (512 kg). Slick Magnetos New at Overhaul 3 Position Taxi/Landing Light Switch 1,100 were built in 1972. . Model DGM6948 The best-performing airplanes in the 150 and 152 fleet are the 1962 Cessna 150B and the 1963 Cessna 150C. I’ve flown some long cross-country flight in my 150—1890 nautical miles over 24 hours being the most recent. Of all the Cessna 150-152 models, the 1966 model year is the most plentiful with 3,067 1966 Cessna 150s produced. The fin was swept back 35° to match the styling of the Cessna 172 and other models. Owners complained about high parts prices for the O-235—including pistons and valves, the latter being sodium filled for improved cooling. The 150 can be given a power boost and even turned into a taildragger, as quite a few have been. An hour’s work could save you smashing your face on the yoke and could save your life. Larger engines, up to 180 horsepower (130 kW).

It also resulted in a larger baggage compartment and a greater structural weight allowance for baggage from 80 to 120 lbs (54 kg). Size 6.00 × 6 wheels, with nylon tube-type tires, on main wheels. Max Allowable Weight 1600 lbs. The attachment nut plates are almost certainly in place since it was a factory option. This is a Court ordered sale. Updated Tail Beacon, Out of Annual As many Cessna 150 owners have demonstrated (and demonstrate every year at the Cessna 150/152 Fly-in in Clinton, Indiana), these airplanes can be reliable, long-distance transportation. Baggage compartment behind seats, backs of which hinge forward for access. Known Number of Cessna 150-152's Currently Registered in North America: 19,877 Known Number of Cessna 150-152's Currently Registered Elsewhere: 2,869* *from currently available international registration records. The 152 has been a good fit for my flying mission. Any maneuvers that require climbing back to altitude will require a plodding climb to get back in the perch. Steerable nose wheel on oleo-pneumatic shock-absorber strut. Production of the 152 ended in 1985 when manufacturing of all Cessna piston singles was suspended. Maybe. For day VFR fuel minimums, consider one-hour reserve and not the FAA rules. Prop Reconditioned by Whirlwind Propeller June, 1987, New Wingtips in 2002 Home > Aircraft Specs > Manufacturers > Cessna Aircraft > 150 L Performance Information. They have a 109-knot (202 km/h) cruise speed, faster than any other model year of either the Cessna 150 or Cessna 152. Speaking of payload, the 150/152 essentially carries what other popular trainers do. Cessna 150C — The 1963 model was the “C”, which introduced the option of larger 6.00×6 inch tires to replace the standard 5.00X5 tires and fuel quick drains. With all the 150's still flying around … The Cessna 152 would bring a much-needed 70 lbs (32 kg) increase in gross weight to 1,670 lbs (760 kg). It couldn’t haul much and with limited power, it took a while to unstick from the water.

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