blue giant star

2. A Deeper Look at the Astrophysics of a Blue Supergiant.

The blue supergiant star found in the Large Megallanic Cloud designated R136a1, for instance, is so massive that its very existence is posing a serious challenge to all the standard models of star formation.

A small to average star will turn into a white dwarf or nebula. Helium is heavier than hydrogen, and burning it causes the star to expand greatly in size and become a red giant. They are extremely hot and bright, with surface temperatures of between 20,000 - …

Constellation, Season. [3], There are no strict upper limits for giant stars, but early O types become increasingly difficult to classify separately from main sequence and supergiant stars, have almost identical sizes and temperatures to the main-sequence stars from which they develop, and very short lifetimes.

Blue supergiants also have very fast, thin stellar winds blowing away into space. As a result, the average surface temperature is only 3,500 - 4,500 Kelvin. Blue-giants are considered as the largest stars in the galaxy since there is no such thing as Red or yellow super-giants in the Spore galaxy.

Moreover, Spica was the star whose movement across the sky had led the ancient astronomer Hipparchus to discover th…

High-mass stars may also employ the carbon-nitrogen-oxygen (CNO) cycle to help drive the reactions. The best-known is the Crab Nebula, where a star exploded thousands of years ago. [6] The BHB takes its name from the prominent horizontal grouping of stars seen on colour-magnitude diagrams for older clusters, where core helium burning stars of the same age are found at a variety of temperatures with roughly the same luminosity. The luminosity class for such stars is determined from spectral lines that are sensitive to the surface gravity of the star, with more expanded and luminous stars being given I (supergiant) classifications while somewhat less expanded and more luminous stars are given luminosity II or III. Eric Benac began writing professionally in 2001. After a few million years, these type of starts will begin to burn helium and swell up further.

Astronomers still differ over whether to classify at least one of the stars as a supergiant, based on subtle differences in the spectral lines.[4].

In high-mass stars, the cores begin to fuse helium into carbon and oxygen at a rapid rate.

After working as an editor at Alpena Community College in Michigan and receiving his Associate of Journalism, he received a Bachelor of Science in English and a Master of Arts in writing from Northern Michigan University in Marquette. Spica is 250 light years from Earth in the Virgo constellation. BHB stars are more evolved and have helium burning cores, although they still have an extensive hydrogen envelope. Horizontal-branch stars hotter than the RR Lyrae gap are generally considered to be blue giants, and sometimes the RR Lyrae stars themselves are called blue giants despite some of them being F class. In the simplest case, a hot luminous star begins to expand as its core hydrogen is exhausted, and first becomes a blue subgiant then a blue giant, becoming both cooler and more luminous.

You are most likely to find blue, green, pink and purple spice planets orbiting these stars, which are generally considered to be more valuable spices. The best known example is Rigel, the brightest star in the constellation of Orion. However, they have been found, in many cases, to be some of the most massive in the universe. For example, Supernova 1987a in the Large Magellanic Cloud was the death of a blue supergiant. As the star fuses heavier and heavier elements in its core, the fusion rate can vary wildly. Most are less than 25 solar radii.

Blue supergiants represent a slower burning phase in the death of a massive star. And following the star Spica 10 interesting facts: 1. The spectral type of blue giants is O or B resulting in its blue, sometimes white luminous appearance. A blue giant star is a swelling middle-aged star that is running out of hydrogen to burn but hasn’t started burning helium.

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They are larger than the Sun but smaller than a red supergiant, with surface temperatures of 10,000–50,000 K and luminosities … Due to the very high fuel consumption, blue giants have a very short lifespan (less than 100 million years in some cases, up to a billion in slightly cooler blue stars).

Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. When they do, the final stage of their evolution can be as a neutron star (pulsar) or black hole.

The name blue giant is sometimes misapplied to other high-mass luminous stars, such as main-sequence stars, simply because they are large and hot.[1].

For all stars, the primary nuclear fuel is hydrogen.

Intermediate-mass stars will continue to expand and cool until they become red giants.

These are the only stars to house blue spice planets. Two interesting bodies are red and blue giants. While red supergiants are the largest stars, each with a radius between 200 and 800 times the radius of our Sun, blue supergiants are decidedly smaller.

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