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It seems that the costume designer for this film saved some money by re-using the costumes from Gone With the Wind. The part where Lydia runs off with Wickham goes on forever and sometimes I just want to fast forward to the good part. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow stars in the 1996 version of "Emma. The piano score by Dario Marianelli is one of the best there is, and the cinematography is unique and has a way of capturing you in even its quiet moments. Multiple seasons of the hour-long show are in the works. Consider yourself warned. This movie brings out the funniest and most poignant aspects of the book and makes them shine. Good old Bridge, a gamely curvy Renee Zellweger, works at “Pemberley Publishing” and is drawn to a haughty barrister named Darcy, played by Firth. Great for a rainy day when you can sit back and relax with a mug of tea (especially if your mug says “I heart Darcy”). But that’s the only scene I’ve actually watched, so maybe I’m misjudging the film based on that alone. The one redeeming factor, obviously, is Laurence Olivier as Mr. Darcy. The film is actually a beautiful version in its own right — sadly for the filmmakers, it's just impossible to live up to Thompson’s writing. BYU has lost some of its most talented players to season-ending injuries this season, but is still undefeated and ranked No. Northanger Abbey, 2007 (ITV movies)A sliver of a film based on Austen’s zippy send-up of the Gothic novel. Clueless, 1995Anchoring this reimagining of Emma in a posh Beverly Hills high school, Alicia Silverstone’s Cher Horowitz fully embodies the meddlesome, privileged, and yet endearing essence of Austen’s most complex heroine. 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And the best part: if you want to feel as if you’re in a Jane Austen novel, just put this film soundtrack on repeat. Salt Lake Tribune announces weekly newspaper, will stop daily print publication. Emma Thompson’s award-winning adaptation of Sense and Sensibility is quite close to the book, and has some very beautiful lines (which are, of course, well-delivered by the star-studded cast — S nape is in this, guys!). Henry Winkler Helped Sylvester Stallone Keep ‘Rocky’, Specifically about “having two Black guys on television shows.”, Jaden Michael to Play Colin Kaepernick in Ava DuVernay Netflix Series, “I never thought I would be casting a young me in a show about my life.”, Keith Raniere Sentenced to 120 Years in NXIVM Sex Cult Case, Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Loss and Photos in New Essay, “These photos are only for the people who need them.”, Kim Kardashian Posts Humble Birthday Message About Hijacking All Her Friends, “I realize that for most people, this is something that is so far out of reach right now.”, Jon Stewart to Return to Television With New Apple TV+ Series. OK, so this isn’t a film; it’s a web series. Austenland, 2013 I’m loath to disparage a film that’s slapsticky and well-intentioned. It is still a well-done, completely worthy adaptation, so it’s still high on my list — it’s just inferior to the 2005 one in my mind. Yet much as Davies tries to “sex up” Austen, his screenplay revels in her turns of phrase and sharp observations. 13. Definitely worth a watch. If you disagree with these rankings, as I’m sure many of you will, feel free to let me know. I’ve seen most of these movies multiple times — except for the two that I haven’t seen at all. Becoming Jane, 2007A liberty-taking biopic, it commits the travesty of suggesting that Austen’s work was inspired by a man who trifled with her affections, fed her her cleverest lines, and then left her alone so she could marry her work. This month’s Austenland stars Keri Russell as a drippy Jane Austen fanatic who shells out her savings for an immersive Regency experience — complete with fake proposals and, at least for our heroine, real romance. Here is my co-worker, Cristy Meiners' view on it (she’s the one who recommended I give it this ranking): "I may regret saying this, but I enjoyed this screen adaptation more than I did Austen's book. ‘Northanger Abbey,’ 2007* (Amazon streaming): When I last tried to watch this movie, it wasn’t available for rent anywhere (one of the sad aspects of the demise of Blockbuster) and I could only buy it from third-party sellers. Sense & Sensibility, 2008 (BBC miniseries) Andrew Davies, who wrote the 1995 BBC Pride & Prejudice, tried to replicate his success more than a decade later with another miniseries chock-full of sublimated sexual frustration. The dialogue flows well, the cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is on point — I love, I love, I love it. 5. Anne Hathaway, left, is Jane Austen and James McAvoy is Tom Lefroy in "Becoming Jane.". Jonny Lee Miller, who plays Mr. Knightley, is not as attractive physically as Northam but he grew on me as I watched, and Romola Garai does a lovely job. That proposal scene in the rain where Darcy and Elizabeth almost kiss — my heart wants to burst every time. After all that they’ve been through, we know they’re cool. 7. Unfortunately, this movie — which bears the producing imprint of vampire virtuoso Stephenie Meyer — has almost no direct jokes, references, or ideas about Jane Austen, beyond a love interest who, like Mr. Darcy, is rude. Weatherbeaten actors and drizzly English skies set the tone, and when Anne Elliot (Amanda Root) and Captain Wentworth (Ciarán Hinds) reconcile in the film’s next-to-last scene, a traveling circus passes by, conveying the oh-so-subtle message that our hearts and theirs are doing backflips.

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