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And he’s probably okay to sit out a year or two. Please refresh the page and try again. I imagine it must have changed your lifestyle as well, getting publishing [royalties] on a song like that.

I didn’t put any … nobody’s fixed. Whitesnake was still purporting to be a working band at the time by the record company. He was in the band, but he was never really a member of the band. Bernie Marsden: Yeah, I’ll do it tonight the way it was written, you know just one man with an acoustic guitar. But, no, I don’t get tired of people, I never get annoyed with anybody who’s a Whitesnake fan, really. Passionate about what I do, I have been fortunate already to interview many of my all-time musical heroes. So, there’s quite a lot more stuff in there. It was great. But there again I’ve only seen David Dowle, probably on three or four occasions, since the times. Unbelievable. David was in talks with his lawyer, as I would shortly find out, but more immediately Moody abruptly quit the band. Bernie Marsden: I saw him a year later after the split, at Donnington, when they headlined.

I had been the author of my own demise with my comment to David about ending the band. I’m a Fleetwood Mac fan and I say, “Oh, ‘Rihanna’.” And they go, “No, ‘Tango in The Night’ era.”. Or does it not aggrieve or annoy you that people more want to focus on that era, rather than what you’ve done pre or post?

Bernie Marsden: You just do your thing. Who would have thought it? And because I was so, kind of ignorant about it, I didn’t know much about it, I said, oh, that’s it then? But it’s a different kind of world out there, social media-wise and stuff. ANTIHERO: So what about that transition then from Paice to, no, oh you were saying, Powell, Cozy Powell heard it, yeah? But it’s a great live album. Bernie Marsden: As it should have been. Bernie Marsden: Yeah there will be, yeah there will be. I wanted to get it all sorted before playing it to David Coverdale. They said, she’s a great singer, a great singer. Maybe he still is. And then after ’87, with the success of “Here I Go Again.” I became strangely connected again to Whitesnake. And the musicians are, you know, just chomping at the bit to say, I have 25 dates in the book. Just like, couldn’t be bothered. And we did it just like that. Jon looked sombre. Bernie Marsden: Yes, I suppose so because of the collaborations with the post-Whitesnake stuff. Let’s go home”, and we came back, and we did Donnington. Did you have the songs already done, or was it very much old school, songs were created and evolved in the studio?

Come on, get on with it. I was pretty impressed with it, to be honest with you. ANTIHERO: Do you still have hopes and dreams? And there was always something to do. I say, no he won’t make me look a fool. Not that we’re in touch just because of that reason. Whitesnake co-founder Bernie Marsden may be known for being an excellent blues-rock guitarist but he’s also a prolific songwriter. Bernie Marsden co-founded Whitesnake in the late ’70s with former Deep Purple members David Coverdale (vocals) and Jon Lord (keyboards), and the band had a solid following with hard rock fans through the early ’80s. He then went back which confused matters. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. ANTIHERO: Work scheduled compared to bands-. Bernie Marsden: No, well he’d changed, he’d attributed that accent way before he went to America. Because you’ve been there, consistently, doing the tours, doing the albums.

The follow up was “Look at Me Now”. Bernie Marsden: I don’t know. Bernie Marsden: And we both said, the guitar player said, we’re not bothered about that, but what I wanted to be in was a really good band, and write some good songs. Bernie Marsden: No, I just felt it was different and different enough to basically say, well look it’s still the basic song, but we’re doing it this way now. And when we got to the meeting, David wasn’t there. [Laughs] Obviously, as a writer of a huge, huge song there’s benefits, but the benefits work both ways. And I said, well look we have to play Whitesnake stuff, the people who come to see us, they know us from-. They think I was the guy who wrote, “Here I Go”. But there’s still a lot of mileage left in Rady An’ Willing. You and that version of the band wrote a lot of great rock songs. There was a problem. Bernie Marsden: There’s some stuff, quite a lot of festivals being offered, stuff like that. Bernie Marsden: And we both said, the guitar player said, we’re not bothered about that, but what I wanted to be in was a really good band, and write some good songs. Bernie Marsden's autobiography, Where’s My Guitar? I carried the whole Whitesnake connection thing too long, with Company of Snakes, M3. He said, “You’re a clever little thing, aren’t you? And one of the guys in the bar said, “Your song’s on the TV.” That was the first time I saw and heard it, at the same time. Obviously, you’ve done a ton of stuff since. I don’t think that it was a big hit. And we never even thought about it, you know it was one of those things, it was just one… but that went straight in at number one, and then we were all going down. He penned several Whitesnake classic tracks alongside David Coverdale including the international hit “Here I Go Again.”. In more recent years, Marsden has been involved in very different projects. New recordings are also being made ready and a podcast planned. There was always a bit of rivalry between Rainbow and Whitesnake, in a nice way. Then John Sykes came in, and well, that was another U-turn. I’m by no means certain, but I guess it did make real sense. His bass tech might not be a look at it like that. Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète.

But we kind of got to, maybe like the Buffalo, Niagara Falls [ gig, and we all look at each other and say, “how far away are we from New York?” We’d say, “a couple of hours. But having the two sounds a bit like buy two books, but you get the whole picture. ANTIHERO: He’s the only member of Whitesnake I think I’ve not interviewed. And on Trouble actually. He went on to sing the song in a quite magnificent way, sensitive, and yet so powerful. Bizarre. I think the band were really good at the time. One classic recording resulted, “Malice in Wonderland” and it was over. The noise in the room, well I suppose it was more than that, was unbelievable, to the point where, when we started Fool For Your Loving …. It seems to be, for some. And everything we’ve taken out was only to make the book smoother.”. You will receive a verification email shortly.

It’s very much a David Coverdale [solo] album, although it’s called “Whitesnake.”. You’ve touched on you’ve worked with most of your musical heroes, played with them? I simply didn’t believe it. And it was a great live band. Is there anybody left that you would sit down and actually interview yourself?

Ian Paice just shrugged, and later joined the Gary Moore band. And I felt good we were on stage, and I said, you realise that this is the first time that you and I have played “Here I Go Again”? I think it’s Don Airey who plays keyboards on the 1987 version. Cozy was a fantastic drummer, and so was Ian Paice – I can say that because I played with both of them. You’ll learn the stories behind the songs from the people who wrote them. Bernie Marsden: I’ve guested with, I go out with David now. Après l'album Saints and Sinners il quitta Whitesnake et forma Alaska. And it was the last thing I personally recorded with the band, which is kind of ironic in a way. It was like an artistic thing. Bernie Marsden: I’ve got roots up here, yeah, I’ve got family up here. Well, I don’t think, I know because we talked about it.

But they were the first four songs that we wrote and recorded so, that’s why “Ain’t No Love” is on it. Where’s My Guitar? But it happened, mainly because of Here I Go Again, because they know me as a musician. As good as the other guys were, they kind of, not did what they were told but it was like, here are the songs, how are we going to play them? My kids came, I’ve got two grown-up girls now. Cozy Powell recommended him for the new Paice Ashton Lord group in 1977. Have you had situations like that? Bernie Marsden: Yeah, one in the white vinyl. ANTIHERO: What about the songs on Lovehunter? © We saw the guy who did the painting for Lovehunter, we’d seen his work in a couple of magazines, and just mentioned to our tour manager, I think it was. Povijest. The Geico thing is really big. And there’s no reason why anybody should’ve thought differently. We just got in and did the first four and picked out the first four. We went on the road with a Mercedes van, with the gear in the back and seats for all of us, in the front and in the middle. The greatest band any guitarist could wish for had ended without a row or whimper, and a song-writing partnership that could have gone on to bigger and better things was terminated because of lousy management. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Trouble is, I mean the Trouble and the Snakebite EP, there’s no real gap in them. It’s one of the iconic live records, I think. For that, I’m very thankful. Bernie Marsden: Yeah, they do. It’s not like it’s got a naked lady or anything on it. The Dark Lord, don’t they? And a lot of my contemporaries would say, you get up with Gary? Bernie Marsden: On the surface, he’s changed. I didn’t realise but he had been advised to break up the band in order to escape the Seabreeze banner. Just embellish, really, what was only a couple of paragraphs. I’d go up there, he’d play a hundred notes, I’d play three, and hold my hands out and bow, and the crowd would love it. And we said, “you haven’t heard the top line yet.” He said, “it doesn’t matter, you’ve got a hit”, and he was right. And, you know, I went to the gig with my daughter, who’s a Big John fan. That’s been kind of edited out a little bit. ANTIHERO: And what about recollections of way back and stuff, was that not difficult to?

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