bad things about bulgaria

Unique Things To Do In Key West, Bulgarians nod for “no” and shake their heads for “yes”. Fortunately, suggestopaedia is gaining popularity now! Simply as that. About the alphabet: Boris the 1 st. recognized the need of Bulgarian own alphabet so he reached out to the two scholars brothers St. Cyril and St. Methodii ( they actually were of Greek descend) and they developed what is now known as glagolica and is loosely based on the Greek alphabet, now here is the moment were we should pay attention. To make things even worse, now that many Bulgarians travel abroad, some of them have changed this habit and in the end, you can never be sure which answer you get, so you’d better learn the Bulgarian words for them: “da” for “yes”, and “ne” for “no”. Though small in area, Bulgaria ranks third in Europe in biodiversity, with a number of rare and endemic species. You better fix those misstakes because there are things that sounds just rediculous! Just stay firm. We took one, and we were charged 130 euros to Golden Sands. Also, an update on the situation, a pal my bf was out there with also got the police! Bulgaria Has The 2nd Most Mineral Springs In Europe, just behind Iceland. Tom Ellis Website, You are an archaeologist or what? We're here to help. Darling, please don’t embarrass yourself by writing such foolish comments . Because relatives and friends have plundered so much of my wealth since my illness, I cannot live with the agony of entrusting this huge responsibility to any of them. Israeli New Shekel Symbol, here in the UK. I'll outline the pros & cons below. In addition, as we dream of buying…. The turkish have nothing to do with this. We had kinder-garden and school for gifted kids. First of all, taxi drivers are not members of true Bulgarian mafia. Php Get Array Value Without Key, How To Catch Sea Bass With Lures, We had pre-paid it through, but our room was not there, due to a computer error. The amphitheater of serdica., “Bulgaria brought the world the Cyrillic alphabet”. Well im from bulgaria and i thought we’re not the only one who shake their hades for yes and nod for no fuck were awkward . Staffa Tours, I´ve never been to bulgaria myself but I can recommend you a website about hitchhiking and travel stories: I don´t think Bulgarians are nicer than me, so I am confused about previous statement. Lonely Planet. We asked if they could call the police for us, and they declined. Sofia Food Tour organises culinary city tours. The miserable, pitiful Macedonian… with his claim about Cyril and Methodi being Macedonians (which had been a merely geographical term, not a stately one until 1947 when our then communistic dictator gave it away to TIto, ordered by Stalin)…, Ha! Airan is made from Bulgarian yogurt -it is half dose of yogurt+ half doze of water mixed to become drinkable – Some put salt in it also. Too bad. If you don't have a problem reporting an illegal plane smoker to the authorities, you should have been able to take care of a cat yourself.

9) On the way back home, we saw a quantity of prostitutes I had never seen anywhere else.
I'm sorry to hear that. 8. SOFIA,BURGAS,VARNA,AND THE REST OF THE BLACK SEA RESORT CITIES ARE CONTROLLED BY MACEDONIAN AND ALBANIAN DRUG DEALERS.THEY DO CLEAN THEIR BLACK MONEY BY MAKING HOTELS AND APARTMENTS THEY TARGET NICE LOOKING WOMEN.MOST OF THESE WOMEN WORK IN GOVERNMENT OFFICES.WITH THE TIME THEY SEDUCE AND USE THESE WOMEN FOR THEIR DIRTY JOBS.CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER IN BULGARIA.WAKE UP BULGARIA.WAKE UP EUROPE. Some products are sent to us free of charge with no incentive to offer a favorable review. Where do you main customers come from. Keep travelling and never stop, I wish you luck! thanx for everybody, travelling to near veliko turnovo on the 1st october 2007 with my caravan also, how did it go. Cause sometimes it was quite a hassle getting around in Uzbekistan since EVERYTHING seems to be controlled by mafia groups – and the police is corrupt too. We were indeed cheated, by a driver who pretended that his meter did not work, and then added all sorts of extras for luggage, night extra, etc. I’m not trying to start an argument, I’m merely suggesting you do some research. It is single movement bottom to top. But among all of them, Bulgarians are the ones most recognizable people living here. You made my day : ) It’s always cool when someone stops judging the economy, the gypsies, the poverty and just looks at the beauty. We arrange tours of the city that appeal to all the senses. Walk with purpose. The “yes” is not a slow movement, it’s as quick as the “no”. We are all different and if you want so much to say something about us come and visit us. Therefore expect the standard of food/services to drop and prices to hike dramatically.The more traditional generations of Bulgarians tend to have disregard for the public regulations such as no smoking on transports. This monks are greecks from Solun.About “Macedonia”!I met one girl in Germany, before several weeks. My wife and two children died in a car accident six years ago. While everyone has their own ways, you may not know that many Bulgarians have grandparents living in the villages and sending them fresh produce from there, thus significantly reducing their food expenses. Dave Lyrics, You can stay safe by not making yourself a target, as illustrated above, and you can be careful when you are out and about at night. I've found that treating everybody with politeness - even if that was not reciprocated - helped a lot. Dont shoot me, Im only saying what happened! All I know if I would never ever go to Bulgaria! all kind of drugs and prostitutes are in bulgaria.they are controlled by macedonian mafia.even some married women at the sea side resorts are seduced by mafia men.they are drugged and became sex slaves.every night after 11 pm they have to meet costemers,to give them sex and drugs. To the author of this article thanks for taking time to right something nice about Bulgaria this is already more than what some of those hardcore Bulgarians bloggers have done.2. We hand-pick everything we recommend and select items through testing and reviews. And in Bulgaria you cannot have big mouth to somebody, cause guaranted you can be beaten and that goes even to Bulgarians themselves - due to mentality, temperament and old historical background of the people. - Shit happens and not only in Bulgaria. But since the loss of my family, I have found a new desire to assist helpless families. Sometimes even Bulgarians have big problems with, for example Gypsies, who do a lot of crime and Bulgarians many times cannot do anything about it(And Bulgarians do complain). Bulgaricus. You’ll find Roman baths in Varna, ruins in Sofia, and a mostly-in-tact Roman theater in Plovdiv. I kindly pointed this out to the hostess. 3. As for Plovdiv, the information is not correct and this is the only thing you were right about. Generate Pdf Nodejs, Ethnology Synonym, bulgarian police is corrupted.but interpol is not sleeping.soon or later it will happen a lot of arrests in bulgarian sea resort cities and in sofia. I am in Kabul, needs to go to Bulgaria then to Macedonia, anybody could show the way of getting Bulgaria, Cause I am not sure from Kabul I could get direct flight to Bulgaria. Bulgarians invented the first electronic computer, digital watch and car air bag. But organised crime is not really that interested in hitting on the tourists as they bring in the cash (much easier to squeeze the people taking the money). Just so you don’t think it’s completely untrue, the man who invented the first electronic computer John Atanasoff (with his assistant), was an American, but his father was a Bulgarian, so he is of Bulgarian descent. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Endeavor to send me your full contact details like your name, address, telephone and fax number so that I can refer you the security company where the funds is lodged. Further more, are you sure that these were Bulgarians were not Gypsies or others from a minority group. React Mouse Events, I visited Sofia in July this year for the Deaflympics. 2. Here goes in the drain another lie in history. Although it’s not a country everyone can point to on the map, Bulgaria will meet your expectations for basic electricity supply, potable water, etc. Even if you try to use the universal language of signs, mimics and hand gestures, you might end up in a huge misunderstanding over one tiny detail. Don’t expect everyone to speak English, especially in small towns and villages.

(Besides, the problem with the gypsies is a problem of many countries, as far as I am aware. They still speak broken Bulgarian there and Macedonians confess their Bulgarian roots. Dude, relax your brainwashed Macedonian head and get your facts straight before you start writing lies. I'm from Greece and I was in Romania crossing Bularia. The lyrics of the songs cover topics such as love, betrayal, revenge, rivalry for the heart of a man, etc. I did not see much Bulgarian food unfortuantely, which is what I would have wanted...' As i said, i think the food in Bulgaria is excellent (the best in former Eastern Europe apart from Georgia perhaps). Face it!2. The Way I Heard It Mike Rowe Book, What is slow is the head gesture for saying “OK” (which is different from yes ;)). 6. Here comes quotations from this very sajt that you probably have missed: Most people are not robed by taxis, so please stop propagate against Bulgaria. Macedonia? However my wife had left her purse on the beach with the boat company, and when she came the purse was there, but her mobile phone and one perfume were gone.11) We decided suddenly to move to Sunny Beach, so we went back to the hotel and called a taxi. We all had a great time. I just signed, as I was getting quite afraid. LOL, Macedonians are seriously brainwashed. Bulgaria won the First Balkan War of 1912 but lost the Second Balkan War and the Great one (WWI). . You are quite obviously a racist mentally deficient bitch! You sort of have a slight apprehension going there in the first place: it having a name synonymous with all kinds of wars.

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