Как выиграть Lucky Lady’s Charm

The Lucky Lady Charm slot machine is very popular and can be come across it in all the respectable online casinos. Such popularity can be explained not only by lucky symbols, but also by very high multipliers. That is why players often wonder: Lucky Lady Charm How to win?

The simplest recipe ever: to get a big win you should play high bets because the higher the bet, the bigger your win.

The second equally simple idea is to play as long as possible. In this case you are more likely to not only hit a winning combination from the random number generator but also to see the scatter symbol on the reels. It is the scatter which not only awards free spins, but also triples the prize for this bonus round.

Then, winning in the risk game that is completely in your hands. It is enough to guess the card colour, red or black, several times, and your payout will become much higher than originally. If you play long enough, you can also notice some regularities in what cards appear.

Finally, you will need experience to get the win. It will help to know when it is better to place low or high bets and, consequently, become a winner.